Hong Kong YouTube Star Regrets Plastic Surgeries

Twenty-two-year-old Berry Ng is a YouTube sensation in Hong Kong. Ng, who has over 15,000 subscribers, regularly demos cosmetics and discusses her life with her followers. Recently, her videos took a more serious turn, when Ng revealed that she’d undergone over 30 plastic surgery procedures to impress her now-ex-boyfriend.

According to Ng, she now regrets undergoing those procedures, a realization she came to following the reaction she got from her mother after her most recent surgery. According to Ng, her mother immediately burst into tears at the sight of her daughter.

Dr. Bruce Chau is a Berkeley, Michigan, plastic surgeon. He says he isn’t surprised that Ng regrets her procedures, because she didn’t get them for the right reasons.

“When you get plastic surgery to make someone else happy, chances are the one person who isn’t going to be happy is you,” Chau says.

In the end, Ng’s procedures didn’t do much to help her relationship – she still ended up parting ways with her ex, who she said was never satisfied with the numerous procedures she underwent to please him. Ng has spent thousands in total, changing everything from her forehead to her breasts, eyes, nose, cheeks and chin.

“This young woman basically changed into a new person for her ex,” says Chau. “If someone is willing to go to those lengths to satisfy someone else, they are not a suitable candidate for plastic surgery. It shows a serious lack of self-esteem.”

According to Chau, while some patients get a bad rap for having low self-esteem for choosing to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, the low self-esteem can be a lot worse in patients who blindly obey a partner’s desire to change them.

“If your partner is telling you they’ll love you more if you change your appearance, or they’re threatening to leave you if you don’t change and you consent to that against your own better judgement, that to me is a lot more dangerous than someone deciding they don’t like their nose and empowering themselves to make it better,” Chau says. “You should never agree to a procedure you don’t want just to make someone else happy. Where do you draw the line? Ng had over 30 surgeries and her ex was still not happy with her. What was to stop him from encouraging her to get 40 surgeries or 50?”

Thankfully, Ng has seen the light and in addition to removing one more excess problem area – her ex – she is now preaching body positivity to her viewers and encouraging them to love the body they have.

“Body positivity is great, but there’s no shame in getting plastic surgery if that’s what you truly want,” says Chau. “What matters most is that it’s your decision, and nobody else’s.”