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    Why Get A Breast Lift?

    Over the years, factors such as pregnancy, nursing, and the force of gravity take their toll on a woman’s breasts. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts often lose their shape and firmness and begin to sag. Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure to raise and reshape sagging breasts–at least, for a time. (No surgery can permanently delay the effects of gravity.) Mastopexy can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. If your breasts are small or have lost volume–for example, after pregnancy–breast implants inserted in conjunction with mastopexy can increase both their firmness and their size.

    The Chau Plastic Surgery Difference

    Here at Chau Plastic Surgery in Metro Detroit, Michigan, we take our time in assessing your needs and utilize our extensive experience and training to create a unique breast lift surgery option tailored to you. We have collectively performed many breast lift surgeries and are confident that we can give you the look that best balances your desired appearance and your overall health.

    To get a consultation or to ask us a question about our breast lift procedures, give us a call at 248-799-2880 or schedule an appointment today!

    Breast Lift Surgery in Metro Detroit, MI

    A Breast Lift (aka mastopexy) is a procedure designed to address the breast changes that occur over time. During a mastopexy, the surgeon contours the patient’s breasts to make them more aesthetically pleasing, lifts the breasts to a position higher on her chest and reduces the size of her nipple-areolar complexes. The experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit, perform Breast Lift procedures regularly. As dedicated and caring surgeons, they are always happy to help their patients attain the physical attributes they desire.

    Reasons Women in the Metro Detroit Area Choose to Have a Breast Lift

    Some women in the Metro Detroit Area feel extremely self-conscious about the breast changes that have occurred due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or time. It is for these reasons, women frequently decide to have plastic surgery.

    Breast Characteristics a Mastopexy Can Address

    With time, gravity, pregnancy, weight changes and breastfeeding, it can take a toll on a woman’s breasts causing them to look deflated or droopy (ptotic). In addition, due to the loss of elasticity, the skin stretches more and the breasts lose their shape and firmness, which leads to ptosis (i.e., sagging, pendulous or droopy breasts).

    Moreover, women who previously had large breasts may experience excessive sagging or notice an acceleration in the aging process of their breasts.

    The Nipple-Areolar Complexes Are Also Affected

    The pendulous breasts stretch the nipple-areolar complexes, causing them to become large and point towards the floor.

    During a Detroit Breast Lift with the board-certified plastic surgeons from Chau Plastic Surgery, the size of each nipple-areolar complex is reduced. The nipple and areola are carefully relocated to the patient’s newly contoured and lifted, more youthful-looking breasts that now sit higher on her chest.

    Following a mastopexy, women have more youthful-looking breasts that sit higher on their chests with more proportional nipple-areolar complex sizes that match the patient’s newly contoured breast mounds.

    While the results achieved during a Breast Lift are long lasting, the breasts are still subject to the effects of gravity and will, once again, change with time.

    What Causes the Breasts to Become Pendulous?

    Some of the changes that occur during a woman’s lifetime lead to the development of pendulous breasts. For example, many women notice breast changes following pregnancy and once they finish breastfeeding. The breasts may lose their youthful appearance, look deflated and begin to droop. While women with large, heavy breasts tend to experience significant changes faster, these changes can affect women with smaller breasts as well. Most women experience some degree of sagging. Another factor that plays a role in whether a woman experiences a great deal of sagging is genetics. A woman whose biological mother or grandmothers have a significant amount of sagging are likely to develop this breast characteristic as well. A Detroit Breast Lift can be used to address these changes.

    Why a woman’s breasts begin to sag with:

    • Fluctuations in her weight – As a woman gains weight, her skin must stretch to accommodate the additional fat that has developed in the breasts. Once she loses this excess weight, the skin may remain stretched. The stretched skin is unable to support the breasts, so they begin to droop.
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding – At the end of pregnancy and once the baby is born the breasts swell as the milk ducts fill. A woman may gain as much as a half-a-pound per breast during this time. Once the mother is done breastfeeding and her breasts return to their pre-pregnancy size, the skin on her breasts that has been stretched may have difficulty retracting. A Breast Lift can be performed to remove this extra skin and lift her breasts.
    • The natural aging process – The production of the components (e.g., collagen and elastin) necessary to keep the skin firm decreases with age. This decrease in the production of these components can lead to lax skin.
    • Gravity – This is a constant that effects everyone and in all aspects of life and has an affect on the breasts as well. The heavier or larger a woman’s breasts are the more they can be affected and the sooner they can be affected.

    The Benefits of Having a Mastopexy

    Breasts that sag and oversized nipple-areolar complexes can change how a woman feels about her breasts. For this reason, some women choose to have a mastopexy. During this highly specialized procedure, an experienced plastic surgeon from Chau Plastic Surgery can address these characteristics to help a woman feel comfortable with the appearance of her breasts.

    Benefits achieved with a Breast Lift near Detroit:

    • Sagging breasts are elevated.
    • The nipple-areolar complexes are rejuvenated and reduced in size (if necessary).
    • With contouring, the surgeon reshapes the breast mound so it appears more youthful.
    • The breasts are more symmetrical.
    • The loose skin on the breasts resulting from lost volume can be tightened.
    • The aesthetic balance of the patient’s upper body is improved.

    Personalized Breast Lift Plans Created by Surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery Near Detroit

    Each patient is unique, which is why the board-certified plastic surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery create personalized treatment plans. By customizing each procedure to meet the needs of a specific patient, the plastic surgeons can provide each patient with optimal results, while reducing the likelihood of complications.

    Preparing for a Mastopexy in the Metro Detroit Area

    Patients at Chau Plastic Surgery will receive both oral and written instructions to help prepare them for their surgery during one of their office visits.

    Complications following a mastopexy procedure are rare. Typically, if a complication does arise, it is one of these four reasons: wound, infection, bleeding or scarring.

    Prior to surgery, patients need to follow the instructions they receive from their surgeon. Following the surgeon’s instructions will reduce the patient’s likelihood of experiencing a complication even more.

    These instructions could include the need to stop smoking and avoiding second-hand smoke after the Breast Lift procedure.

    Certain medications may need to be discontinued (e.g., blood thinners and aspirin, etc.). Please keep in mind that patients should never stop taking any medication without permission from the prescribing physician or the surgeon that will be performing the mastopexy.

    Patients should begin to prepare themselves a recovery area at home. Since patients must avoid lying flat for some time following a Breast Lift, many patients find it convenient to create this recovery area in the living room or family room, especially if there is a recliner available.

    Heavy lifting must be avoided after surgery for at least four to six weeks. Therefore, patients who have small children may need assistance during this time.

    Patients will need a driver to bring them and pick them up from the hospital or surgical center the day of surgery.

    Anesthesia Options

    Patients receive anesthesia for a mastopexy. The anesthesia options could include intravenous sedation (aka twilight anesthesia) or general anesthesia. With twilight anesthesia, the patient is given medication to help her fall into a light sleep. The medication used with general anesthesia causes the patient to fall into a deeper sleep than is accomplished with twilight.

    Determining Which Breast Lift Incision Will Serve a Patient Best

    The incisions the surgeon decides to use are based on the characteristics of the patient’s breasts as well as her overall anatomy.

    Breast characteristics include:

    • The size and position of the nipple-areolar complexes.
    • The shape and size of the breasts.
    • The degree of sagging that needs to be addressed.
    • The amount of excess skin that must be removed.
    • The quality of the skin on the breasts, including its elasticity.

    Common Incision Options for a Breast Lift

    The Donut Incision

    This incision is created around the nipple-areolar complex and is typically used when a patient just needs a minimal lift.

    The Lollipop Incision

    This incision is created around the nipple-areolar complex with a vertical tail that extends from the nipple-areolar complex down towards the breast crease. This type of incision is usually ideal for women who need a moderate Breast Lift.

    The Anchor Incision

    This is also known as a Wise pattern breast lift. This incision is created around the nipple-areolar complex, down the breast to the breast crease and then horizontally along the breast crease. Women who need a maximal lift usually require the anchor incision.

    Reshaping of the Breasts

    Once the incisions are created, the surgeon lifts the underlying breast tissue and reshapes it. This removes the excess skin and repackages the breast in a more firm and contoured form.

    Repositioning the Nipple-Areolar Complexes

    The nipple-areolar complexes are repositioned. The surgeon moves the patient’s nipple and areola to her newly created breast mounds.

    While positioning the nipple and areola, the surgeon makes sure to place them in a natural, youthful-looking location on the breasts.

    When necessary, to decrease their size, the surgeon excises skin at the perimeter of the nipple-areolar complexes.

    Excess Breast Skin is Removed

    To compensate for the loss of skin elasticity, during the Breast Lift, the surgeon removes any excess breast skin.

    Incision Closure

    After reshaping the breasts, moving and reducing the size of the nipple-areolar complexes, removing the excess skin, it is time to close the incisions. Sutures that are used can include internally dissolving sutures and externally non-dissolving sutures.

    The surgeon may use sutures in conjunction with surgical tape and/or skin adhesives to close the skin.

    A Surgical Bra is Used to Provide Support

    Most patients receive a surgical bra following their Breast Lift. This helps to give support to the breasts as they heal.

    The Incision Lines: What Patients Can Expect

    While some of the incision lines are camouflaged well within the natural contours of the breasts, others are visible. Although these incision lines are permanent, as long as the patient follows the surgeon’s recommendations, they should fade significantly within six months to a year of the procedure.

    Breast Lift Results

    Results are visible immediately following the mastopexy.

    The Follow-Up Visit

    Patients typically will have a follow-up visit with their surgeon one week after surgery. This appointment will be at Chau Plastic Surgery in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit. During this appointment, the surgeon will check the incisions to the breasts, change any dressings that need changed and make sure the patient’s pain is controlled and that she is healing well.

    What to Expect While Recovering from a Breast Lift in the Metro Detroit Area

    Patients will feel uncomfortable for several days following their procedure. Since the compression garment helps provide support for the breasts and reduces inflammation, it is recommended that this garment be worn continuously, except while showering.

    During the first week of their Breast Lift recovery, patients may need to take pain medication. In addition, by reducing inflammation, the compression garment also decreases the amount of pain the patient experiences.

    Within three weeks’ time the surgeon removes all the external stitches. The internal stitches are not removed.

    As time passes, the shape and size of the patient’s breasts will continue to improve.

    During the recovery process, it is vital that patients limit their activity. In addition, if a patient notices any problems or side effects, she should call Chau Plastic Surgery at (248) 799-2880 to notify the staff as soon as possible.

    A patient’s initial length of recovery can depend on the individual patient and/or whether she just had a mastopexy or if she had a combination Breast Lift with a breast augmentation (aka breast implant surgery, augmentation mammaplasty).

    The average length of recovery is between ten to fourteen days but can vary between patient to patient. During this time the patient will likely be off of work or school.

    Full recovery following a mastopexy takes about six to eight weeks.

    Breast Lift Results: What Patients Can Expect

    The results attained with this procedure are long-lasting; however, with weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and/or time, changes in the position and the shape of the breasts can occur. Patients who plan on getting pregnant in the near future may want to delay their mastopexy until afterwards, but the surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery will discuss the benefits and alternatives so that their patients can make the most informed decision.

    An Initial Consultation at Chau Plastic Surgery in the Metro Detroit Area

    Women who are unhappy because their breasts look deflated and are pendulous with large nipple-areolar complexes that point downward, may want to consider scheduling an initial consultation with one of Chau Plastic Surgery’s experienced and board-certified plastic surgeons.

    During this consultation, the surgeon reviews the patient’s medical history. If the patient has previously had a mammogram or any other type of preventative or diagnostic breast procedure, the surgeon will want to see the results. The patient should be prepared to discuss what she would like to accomplish with a Breast Lift.

    The surgeon evaluates the patient’s breasts; photographs may also be taken. The surgeon may use these images while creating the patient’s mastopexy surgical plan.

    Patients should not hesitate to bring a list of questions they have to this consultation.

    Potential Risks and Complications

    Although the likelihood of a complication is rare, the possibility of a complication must always be considered when deciding to have any elective procedure.

    Possible complications include:

    • Excessive bleeding.
    • The formation of a hematoma.
    • Breast shape irregularities.
    • Asymmetrical breasts.
    • Fluid accumulation.
    • Irregularities in the contouring of the breasts.
    • Infection.
    • A negative reaction to the medications used during surgery.
    • Loss of nipple sensation, which may be temporary or permanent.
    • Poor incision healing.
    • The need for a revision.
    • Heart and lung complications.
    • Deep vein thrombosis.
    • Changes in skin sensation on the breasts.
    • Postoperative wounds.

    Can a Woman Have More Than One Breast Lift in Her Lifetime?

    It is possible for a woman to receive a touch-up procedure at some point in the future to improve the overall look of her breasts. However, a full mastopexy is usually not required.

    Liposuction Can Complement the Results of a Mastopexy

    During a Breast Lift, liposuction can be performed to reduce the amount of fat that is located underneath the arm. By removing this excess fat, the patient’s breast appearance is enhanced without drastically increasing the patient’s recovery time.

    A Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation During the Same Surgical Session

    A breast augmentation is designed to increase the size of the breasts.

    Patients who have naturally small breasts and those who have lost breast volume may be eligible for a Breast Lift with an augmentation.

    Patients that desire more volume to the upper pole of their breast and/or more cleavage than what a mastopexy can provide may be a candidate for a breast augmentation and mastopexy combined procedure.

    During this combination procedure, the surgeon lifts the breasts, addresses the nipple-areolar complexes, creates the patient’s new breast mounds and inserts breast implants. Once complete, the patient has firmer, larger breasts that look and feel more youthful.

    Combining these procedures saves patients time and money. Furthermore, they only have one recovery period instead of two.

    A Breast Lift Can Be Included in the Mommy Makeover

    Mommy makeover is the term used to describe a group of procedures that are commonly performed during the same surgical session to address issues that women frequently experience after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    The most common procedures included in a mommy makeover include: a mastopexy, tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast augmentation.

    Health Insurance and the Mastopexy Procedure

    Although most Breast Lifts are considered cosmetic procedures, if this surgery is being performed as part of the reconstructive process following a mastectomy for breast cancer, health insurance will usually cover some of the costs associated with a mastopexy. Patients who fall into this category can call the staff at Chau Plastic Surgery for more details.

    Treatment Cost

    Since each surgical procedure is custom-designed to meet the needs of a specific patient, the only way that Chau Plastic Surgery’s surgeons can determine how much a patient’s procedure costs is with an evaluation. After the consultation, the surgeon can provide the patient with an estimate for her procedure.

    Reasons Women in the Detroit Area Choose Chau Plastic Surgery’s Surgeons to Perform Their Breast Lifts

    Our goal is to exceed each patient’s expectations. To accomplish this, we use our skill, artistic vision, extensive experience and knowledge to create unique surgical and treatment plans for our patients.

    Proudly Serving the Metro Detroit Area for More Than Two Decades

    Chau Plastic Surgery’s board-certified plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing each patient with personalized care. It is this dedication that allows us to fulfill the desires and address the needs of our patients. To schedule your consultation please call (248) 799-2880. Chau Plastic Surgery is located at 27901 Woodward Avenue, Ste #100, Berkley, Michigan.

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