What is a Neuromodulator?

Neuromodulators are any substance that alters the nerve input to a muscle group.  In the cosmetic world, the products most familiar are Botox® cosmetic and Dysport. Both of them are types of injectable botulinum toxin that have been approved by the FDA for improvement of moderate to severe wrinkles. These can be injected into the desired muscles to block the nerve stimulus to the muscle and thus weaken the contraction of the muscle.

Here at Chau Plastic Surgery we offer our patients Botox® cosmetic.

What Are Wrinkles & Why Do They Exist?

When the muscles of facial expression contract, wrinkles are formed. Depending on the expressiveness of each individual, these wrinkles may be more or less prominent, and in different areas of the face. Wrinkles that are present with expression only are called dynamic wrinkles because they disappear once the muscle stops contracting. However, as these facial expression are made on a day-to-day basis, the repeated wrinkling of the skin can eventually become in bedded in the skin. These are called static wrinkles because they are present even when the underlying muscle is not contracting.

How Does Botox® Work?

Botox® cosmetic is indicated for reducing moderate to severe wrinkles of the face. By decreasing the strength of the underlying muscles, the wrinkles are softened.  In a patient with dynamic wrinkles, the wrinkles can be dramatically improved if not eliminated.  However, in a patient with static wrinkles, there will be significant improvement but there may still be a visible crease in the skin.  In these cases, it is often that the patient may need filler as well, to help fill in the wrinkle.  In both types of patients, the use of Botox® cosmetic will help either prevent these wrinkles from becoming permanent creases or help prevent the existing wrinkles from becoming deeper and more noticeable.

The Chau Plastic Surgery Difference

At Chau Plastic Surgery in Metro Detroit, Michigan, we strive to provide you with the best results.  We’ve performed hundreds, if not thousands of Botox® cosmetic procedures and will work with you to develop a personalized approach to reaching your aesthetic goals

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