Survey Finds That Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

The findings of a new survey in the JAMA Journal of Dermatology reveal something about cosmetic surgery that many of us already knew: Patients get cosmetic procedures for more complex reasons than just their appearance. The survey was conducted by researchers at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and asked 500 respondents (mainly white women over the age of 45) … Read More

Help, My Teen Wants Plastic Surgery!

The teen years are a time of great promise and hope – as well as newfound independence. But they can also be fraught with confusion and insecurity, especially as your teen’s body changes from a child’s to an adult. While most teens take these changes in stride eventually, some may feel that these insecurities never go away – or worse, … Read More

Plastic Surgery Apps: Useful Tool or Bad News?

A quick search of your phone’s app store with the keywords “plastic surgery game” is enough to leave any parent aghast – and many medical ethics groups dismayed, too. As reports come out about games like Plastic Surgery Princess, in which users can perform plastic surgery on brightly colored cartoon characters, many are turning to app stores like iTunes and … Read More

Hong Kong YouTube Star Regrets Plastic Surgeries

Twenty-two-year-old Berry Ng is a YouTube sensation in Hong Kong. Ng, who has over 15,000 subscribers, regularly demos cosmetics and discusses her life with her followers. Recently, her videos took a more serious turn, when Ng revealed that she’d undergone over 30 plastic surgery procedures to impress her now-ex-boyfriend.