Hong Kong YouTube Star Regrets Plastic Surgeries

Twenty-two-year-old Berry Ng is a YouTube sensation in Hong Kong. Ng, who has over 15,000 subscribers, regularly demos cosmetics and discusses her life with her followers. Recently, her videos took a more serious turn, when Ng revealed that she’d undergone over 30 plastic surgery procedures to impress her now-ex-boyfriend.

Do Plastic Surgeons Have a Professional Code of Conduct?

Recently, a New York-based plastic surgeon made headlines when his Snapchat surgery video raised some eyebrows at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ (ASPS) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. The doctor was seen on the social media site dancing around the operating room, joking and making cute videos while his patient lay unconscious on the operating table. But while the … Read More

The ‘DIY’ Medical Trend to Avoid

With the popularity of websites like Etsy and Instructables and shows like Fixer Upper, the do-it-yourself, or “DIY,” movement shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, no matter what you want to do, chances are there’s a YouTube video tutorial to show you how. But while redoing your own kitchen or knitting your own scarf can be a lot … Read More