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Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that is naturally present in the body. Since HA boosts hydration and improves the skin’s radiance, experienced dermal filler injectors and cosmetic surgeons in Detroit are reducing the signs of aging with strategically placed hyaluronic acid based dermal filler injections. SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM® is a hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable gel. However, instead of adding volume to an area, SKINVIVE focuses on smoothing and hydrating the skin.


Traditional hyaluronic acid injectables decrease the signs of aging by adding volume to specific areas of the face. However, instead of adding volume, JUVÉDERM’s HA microdroplet injectable gel enhances the quality and texture of the skin on the cheeks.

What Are the Benefits of a SKINVIVE Treatment in Detroit?

JUVÉDERM’s hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable gel provides patients with smoother, fuller and healthier-looking skin. Many of Chau Plastic Surgery’s patients state that having skin that appears more youthful has led to them feeling confident about their appearance. This newfound confidence typically leads to an increase in self-esteem.

Which Areas Can SKINVIVE Treat?

JUVÉDERM’s HA microdroplet injectable gel treatments focus primarily on the cheek area, with an overall goal of providing a patient with a youthful-looking glow. This revolutionary product boosts the skin’s hydration to enhance its smoothness and decrease the signs of aging.

What Makes SKINVIVE Unique

The difference between traditional dermal fillers and JUVÉDERM’s HA microdroplet injectable gel is their structure.

In order for a traditional filler to increase volume in the face, dermal fillers must be thick. This consistency requires the use of a cross-linked version of HA. Expert injectors administer the thicker fillers deep into the skin, which is ideal for adding volume and lifting, but at these depths, hyaluronic acid cannot rejuvenate the top layer of skin (i.e., the epidermis).

Since a JUVÉDERM HA microdroplet injectable gel treatment is for hydration purposes, the injection specialist administers a thinner, more viscous version of hyaluronic acid closer to the surface of the skin. This placement allows the hyaluronic acid to hydrate the upper layers of skin, which greatly improves its health and overall appearance.

SKINVIVE Hydrates the Surface of the Skin

As a natural part of the aging process and due to a variety of other environmental factors, the body’s HA levels decrease. Once the injection specialist administers the hyaluronic acid microdroplets just beneath the skin, it draws water molecules in. Thus, improving the overall quality of the skin on the cheeks. Following treatment, patients notice an improvement in the way their skin looks and feels.

Who Should Consider a SKINVIVE Treatment?

The FDA has approved JUVÉDERM’s HA microdroplet injectable gel treatments for adults who are over the age of 21. In addition, JUVÉDERM’s hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable gel is safe for all skin tones, skin types and genders. Therefore, anyone over the age of 21 who has dry or dull-looking skin should consider this treatment.

Could Someone Have an Allergy To SKINVIVE?

Since HA is a naturally occurring substance that is already present in the body, it is unlikely that an individual will experience an allergic reaction to this ingredient. Nonetheless, patients who have an allergy to the Gram-positive bacterial proteins in this product or to lidocaine should avoid treatment with JUVÉDERM’s HA microdroplet injectable gel.

How To Prepare for a SKINVIVE Treatment

Several days before their treatment, patients need to refrain from taking products that thin the blood (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen). Patients who take prescription blood thinners (e.g., Coumadin) must speak with the prescribing physician before discontinuing its use. In addition, patients should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages the night before their skin-enhancing treatment in Detroit.

At least 12 hours before their JUVÉDERM HA microdroplet injectable gel treatment, patients should avoid using products on their skin that contain Retin-A or any other harsh ingredient.

Before and after their treatment session at Chau Plastic Surgery, patients need to limit their exposure to UV light (e.g., the sun, tanning beds).

Patients who have a skin condition that affects their face need to let Chau Plastic Surgery know as they schedule their appointment. This ensures that they receive the best care possible.

To maximize their treatment benefits and minimize the likelihood of experiencing side effects, patients should inform their Chau Plastic Surgery medical professionals about:

  • Medications, vitamins and herbs they take.
  • Allergies they have.
  • Their medical history.
  • Skin sensitivities.

When Should a Patient Have a SKINVIVE Treatment in Detroit?

To ensure that any inflammation and redness has subsided before the event, patients should schedule their treatment at least three weeks ahead of time.

Does a SKINVIVE Treatment Hurt?

Just like many of the other HA treatments, JUVÉDERM’s hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable gel contains lidocaine and directly following the injection, this anesthetic takes effect. Patients can expect to experience minimal discomfort during treatment. Most patients state they feel a pinprick sensation.

What Happens During a SKINVIVE Treatment Session in Detroit?

Including the amount of time required for numbing, a JUVÉDERM HA microdroplet injectable gel treatment session can last up to 45 minutes.

Once the topical anesthetic takes effect, the injection specialist administers small amounts of JUVÉDERM’s revolutionary microdroplet hyaluronic acid gel into target areas of the patient’s cheeks.

What To Expect After a SKINVIVE Treatment in Detroit

Immediately following their session, patients may notice that the treatment area appears flushed. This side effect typically diminishes within a few hours. Although bruising is possible, it is rare.

Although there is no downtime, patients should follow the timeline below:

  • Six hours after treatment, patients need to refrain from touching the treatment areas. In addition, patients should avoid applying any products to their face.
  • During the first 24 hours after treatment, patients should refrain from participating in strenuous exercise, taking medications that thin the blood (e.g., NSAIDs) and drinking alcoholic beverages. Patients who disregard these recommendations increase their risk of experiencing inflammation, itching and flushed-looking skin. 48 hours after their SKINVIVE treatment, patients can minimize inflammation and prevent bruising by keeping their head slightly elevated. Ideally, patients should lie on their back.
  • 72 hours after treatment, avoid massaging or scrubbing the treatment areas. Sometimes, at this point in recovery, patients experience mild discomfort or inflammation. Using acetaminophen and gently applying an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the treatment area for short periods of time can help reduce swelling and ease discomfort.
  • 14 days after treatment, patients may notice that their skin feels taut. However, this sensation gradually subsides as the skin becomes more supple. Patients can relieve itching or dry skin with Vaseline or Aquaphor. At this point, patients who notice bumps or skin irregularities need to contact Chau Plastic Surgery at (248) 799-2880.

For two to four weeks following hyaluronic acid injections, patients must refrain from having:

  • Microneedling procedures.
  • Laser treatments.
  • Chemical peels.
  • Dental procedures.

How Long Does It Take To See the Final Results?

Directly following treatment, patients can expect to notice smoother skin that appears more luminous. Then, from five to 10 days after treatment, patients notice that their cheeks appear brighter and have a smooth-as-glass appearance.

How Long Will SKINVIVE Results Last?

As time passes, the body metabolizes the hyaluronic acid. Therefore, these results last approximately six months. As such, in order to maintain their results, patients need to return to Chau Plastic Surgery for follow-up treatments twice a year.

How Many SKINVIVE Treatments Do Patients Need?

Each patient is unique. Therefore, the only way that a medical professional at Chau Plastic Surgery can determine the number of treatments a patient needs is with a consultation. Some patients reach their desired result with a single treatment, whereas others must have multiple sessions to attain the results they desire.

Does SKINVIVE Have Any Side Effects?

The most common side effects associated with JUVÉDERM’s HA microdroplet injectable gel are:

  • Inflammation.
  • Bruising.
  • Bumps/Lumps.
  • Tenderness.
  • Pain.
  • Discoloration.
  • Firmness.
  • Itching.

These side effects typically subside within seven days of treatment. If these symptoms persist, patients need to contact Chau Plastic Surgery at (248) 799-2880.

How Much Will a SKINVIVE Treatment Cost?

A patient’s treatment cost is based on several factors. The only way to determine cost is with a consultation.

If you are in the Detroit area and would like radiant, youthful-looking skin, contact Chau Plastic Surgery at (248) 799-2880 to schedule an appointment today. Our medical professionals can use SKINVIVE to improve the texture and look of the skin on your cheeks. Chau Plastic Surgery’s address is 27901 Woodward Avenue, Suite #100, in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit.


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