Breast Reduction in Metro Detroit

Technically called “reduction mammaplasty,” breast reduction surgery can make a woman feel more confident by helping to relieve her back pain, neck pain, breathing problems, and skin irritation, which is caused by overly-large breasts. The goal of breast reduction is to create smaller breasts that are better proportioned to her body. This procedure can also reduce the size of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). Our board-certified plastic surgeons will work with you to accomplish your beauty goals and relieve you from any unnecessary pain. This is done through the removal of fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the breasts.

The Chau Plastic Surgery Difference

Here at Chau Plastic Surgery in Metro Detroit, Michigan, we take our time in assessing your needs. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will craft a personalized approach that will balance aesthetics and your health to achieve the breast reduction results that you desire.

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Metro Detroit Breast Reduction Surgery

A reduction mammaplasty/reduction mammoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of a woman’s overly large breasts. This procedure is commonly called a Breast Reduction. Women in and around the Metro Detroit Area choose to have this procedure performed by the experienced surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery. These board-certified plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations to new patients. During this consultation, the surgeon determines whether the patient is a good candidate for a reduction mammaplasty.

What is the Goal of a Detroit Breast Reduction Procedure?

The goal of this procedure is to relieve the neck and back pain that is frequently associated with having extremely large breasts. In addition, a reduction mammaplasty can help women who are having difficulty breathing due to the size and weight of their breasts. Furthermore, women who are experiencing skin irritation beneath their breasts can benefit from a reduction mammaplasty.

During this procedure, the surgeons reduce the size of a woman’s breasts so that they are more proportionate with her overall physical characteristics.

Nipple-Areolar Complexes Are Reduced

Additionally, during the Breast Reduction procedure, if the patient has enlarged nipple-areolar complexes the surgeon will make them smaller and more proportionate to the patient’s new breast mounds: The nipple-areolar complex is the term used when referring to the nipple and the darker skin surrounding it.

A Breast Reduction Includes a Breast Lift

To provide the patient with more youthful-looking breasts, the surgeon also performs a breast lift during the reduction mammaplasty procedure.

Who Should Have a Breast Reduction Near Detroit?

If a woman is experiencing health issues related to the size of her breasts, it may be time for her to consider having a reduction mammaplasty. After the plastic surgeon reduces the size of the patient’s breasts, they will be more manageable, beautifully contoured and sit higher on the patient’s chest. These positive changes frequently result in the patient feeling more confident about the way she looks, which increases her self-esteem level. Furthermore, the symptoms the patient was experiencing before her Breast Reduction procedure will diminish, thus, greatly improving her quality of life.

An Initial Consultation for a Detroit Breast Reduction

During the complimentary initial consultation, the surgeon will want to discuss what the patient would like to accomplish with a Detroit Breast Reduction.

Medical History

The surgeon will collect a complete medical history from the patient, including information about the other procedures she has had, medications, vitamins and herbal supplements that are taken regularly, allergies to specific medications or materials (e.g., latex, etc.). Also, if there were any complications experienced following previous surgical procedures or treatments, it is essential that patients inform their surgeon of these issues before scheduling their Breast Reduction near Detroit.

Safety Comes First at Chau Plastic Surgery

The information gathered at this initial consultation is used to ensure the patient remains comfortable and safe during her Breast Reduction, and any other treatments she chooses to have thereafter.

A Breast Examination

The surgeon will examine the patient’s breasts during this consultation. The surgeon might also take photos of the patient’s breasts to use while creating her personalized surgical plan. These photos may be taken at various angles. All photos are added to the patient’s medical file; therefore, they are confidential.

Health Insurance Coverage Should Be Explored

Women who are experiencing negative health effects because of their overly large breasts should speak with someone from their health insurance company. Sometimes when negative health issues arise due to overly large breasts, health insurance companies agree to cover a portion of the patient’s Breast Reduction procedure.

Preparing for a Breast Reduction Procedure Near Detroit

A little preparation ahead of time can make an enormous difference in the patient’s comfort level as she recovers.

Here are some presurgical tips:

1. Create a recovery area – Prior to having their reduction mammaplasty, patients should create themselves a recovery area at home (many patients find that their living room is the best area for their recovery).

Therefore, before the patient heads to the hospital for her procedure, she must have everything she needs placed within easy reach of her Detroit Breast Reduction recovery area.

2. Make healthy meals – By cooking meals ahead of time and freezing them, patients can keep eating healthy as they recover from their reduction mammaplasty.

3. Purchase an oversized, button down top – After surgery, patients have to wear a top that can be put on and taken off without having to place their arms above their head. Chau Plastic Surgery doctors recommend an oversized, button-down top.

4. Ask someone to drive them to and from the hospital on the day of their procedure – Since the patient receives general anesthesia, she is unable to drive following her Detroit Breast Reduction procedure, therefore, she must bring a driver with her.

If a patient arrives without a driver, she will have to reschedule her reduction mammaplasty until she has someone that she trusts who will join her on the day of her procedure.

5. The patient needs to arrive early – The patient needs to arrive at least 10 minutes before her scheduled appointment time.

Why Public and For-Hire Transportation is Restricted on the Day of Surgery

For the safety of the patient, the surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery do not permit their patients to use public or for-hire transportation following any procedure that requires the use of sedation or anesthesia.

A Detroit Breast Reduction Procedure

This procedure can take anywhere from two to five hours.

During a reduction mammaplasty procedure, the plastic surgeon removes excess tissue, fat and skin from the patient’s breasts. In addition, during the same surgical session, a breast lift and nipple-areolar complex reduction is performed.

Procedure Steps for a Breast Reduction

What to Expect Directly Before the Procedure

While being prepared for surgery; the patient’s plastic surgeon usually visits her while she is in pre-op because the surgeon needs to make markings on her breasts. These markings are used as a guide during surgery.

Creating the Surgical Guide

This preparation process typically includes the surgeon using a specially-designed marker to create what is essentially a surgical guide on the patient’s breasts. The surgeon uses this guide during the Breast Reduction procedure.

General Anesthesia

To ensure the patient remains asleep throughout the procedure, she receives general anesthesia. Some patients experience nausea upon waking after receiving this type of anesthesia. Patients who know they experience this side effect should let the surgeon know prior to the procedure so that an anti-nausea medication can be administered directly following surgery.

The patient is moved into the procedure room and once the general anesthesia takes effect, the Detroit Breast Reduction surgery begins.

Surgical Steps

Incision options – Circular, Keyhole or Anchor

The type of incision the surgeon uses depends on the amount of fat, tissue and skin that needs to be removed.

After prepping the surgical area, an incision is created:

  • Around the nipple-areolar complex (circular).
  • Around the nipple-areolar complex and down the center of the breast to the inframammary crease that is located underneath the breast (keyhole).
  • Around the patient’s nipple-areolar complex, down the center of the breast to the inframammary crease and then along the crease (anchor).

Repositioning the Nipple-Areolar Complex During a Reduction Mammaplasty in Detroit

To preserve nipple sensation and to ensure the nipple-areolar complex receives an adequate amount of blood following surgery, the plastic surgeon keeps it tethered to its original nerves and blood supply.

Creating the Breast Mound

Once the surgeon removes the excess fat and tissue, the remaining skin, tissue and fat are used to create the patient’s new breast mound at a location that is higher on her chest.

Reducing the Nipple-Areolar Complexes

If necessary, the surgeon reduces the size of the nipple-areolar complex so that it will be relative to the patient’s new, smaller breast.

Closing the Incisions Using Sutures

Since the incisions created during this procedure will leave visible scarring, the surgeon’s incision and suturing techniques are extremely important. All surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery are board-certified and they have been performing Breast Reductions for years. During which time, they have acquired incision creation and suturing skills that other, less-seasoned plastic surgeons have yet to attain.

To enhance the breast shape and ensure the breasts have adequate support, sutures are layered within the breast tissue.

The surgeon brings the skin together and closes the incisions using sutures, surgical tape and/or skin adhesive.

Bandages or Dressings Are Applied

Once the skin incisions are brought together and closed, dressings or bandages are placed over them.

A Support Garment or Elastic Bandage is Placed

Breast Reduction patients may also receive an elastic bandage or support garment to wear. The compression that these garments provide help to support the breasts as they heal. In addition, they keep inflammation down, which, inadvertently, helps reduce pain.

A Drain May Be Placed

A small, thin tube may be placed just beneath the skin. This drain helps reduce inflammation by allowing excess blood and fluids to exit the body.

Reduction Mammaplasty Results

Following her reduction mammaplasty procedure, the patient has breasts that are smaller, lighter, uplifted and beautifully contoured. In addition, the nipple-areolar complexes are proportionate to the patient’s new breast size.


The scars remain well hidden beneath clothing, braziers and bathing suits. With time, these scars will fade substantially. However, choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience related to performing breast enhancement procedures, including Breast Reductions, can make a difference in the way the scars look once fading is complete.

Liposuction for Contouring the Lateral Breasts

Patients who are interested in addressing excess fat in the lateral breast area may want to consider adding Liposuction to their reduction mammaplasty procedure.

What to Expect After a Breast Reduction Near Detroit

Directly following surgery, the symptoms the patient was experiencing due to her overly large breasts should improve significantly.

Before heading home, she will receive information related to caring for her breasts, restrictions, medication usage and when she needs to follow up with her surgeon at the Chau Plastic Surgery office in Berkley, Michigan. Furthermore, the patient receives information about what signs and symptoms indicate that she needs to contact her surgeon.

The bruising and inflammation that result usually resolve within two weeks’ time.

Patients should expect to experience some discomfort following their Breast Reduction procedure; however, this discomfort is minimal and can easily be controlled with oral medication.

Although patients typically return to work and begin driving again within seven to 10 days, strenuous exercises/activities and heavy lifting needs to be avoided for at least three weeks.

Full recovery usually takes from six to 10 weeks.

Detroit Breast Reduction Results

Since the skin needs time to heal and adjust to the new breast shape, the full reduction mammaplasty results take a couple of months to become evident.

The results of a reduction mammaplasty procedure are long-lasting. Once fully healed, the patient should be able to enjoy activities that her overly large breasts kept her from doing (e.g., bowling, riding a horse, jogging, etc.).

The pain associated with having extremely large breasts should also diminish, thus, providing her with an improved quality of life.

Many of the women in the Detroit Area who choose to have a reduction mammaplasty feel more comfortable with their bodies afterwards, which improves self-image and boosts their self-esteem.

Although the results of a Detroit Breast Reduction are considered permanent, there are issues that can negatively affect the results attained with this procedure. For example, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, the natural aging process and gravity affect the characteristics of the breasts.

Risks and Complications

Just like with any surgery, there are risks and complications to consider. During the initial consultation at Chau Plastic Surgery in Berkley, Michigan, the surgeon will discuss the potential risks associated with this procedure. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about any concerns they have as well.

Some of the risks and complications associated with a Breast Reduction include:

  • Infection.
  • An adverse reaction to the anesthesia.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Difficulty breastfeeding.
  • The need for another procedure due to unsatisfactory results.
  • The inability to breastfeed.
  • Loss of sensation in the nipple-areolar complex.
  • Necrosis of the nipple-areolar complex resulting in the need for removal.
  • Visible scarring that does not fade.
  • Differences in the shape, size or symmetry of the breasts requiring the need for another surgery.

One of the best ways a patient can reduce the likelihood of experiencing a complication is to choose a seasoned, board-certified plastic surgeon to perform her Detroit Breast Reduction.

Chau Plastic Surgery Has Experienced, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons

Due to their experience, artistic vision, skill, caring demeanor and dedication to excellence, women residing in and visiting the Metro Detroit Area choose the surgeons from Chau Plastic Surgery to perform their reduction mammaplasty procedures.

How Much Does a Detroit Breast Reduction Cost?

To determine the cost of this procedure, the plastic surgeon needs to discuss with the patient what she would like to accomplish with a reduction mammaplasty. Once the plastic surgeon knows what the patient’s desires are, a surgical plan is created and the cost can be determined.

If you are in the Detroit Area, and you would like to speak with a board-certified surgeon about a Breast Reduction procedure, contact Chau Plastic Surgery at (248) 290-8288 to make an appointment for your complimentary initial consultation. If you would rather request your appointment online, you can click here. Chau Plastic Surgery is located at 27901 Woodward Ave, Suit #100, near Detroit, in Berkley, Michigan.


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