Why Choose the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a new elective plastic surgery procedure that is rapidly growing in popularity all over the country. If you’ve been looking for a treatment that’s minimally invasive and offers you a fuller, rounder, more shapely butt—this could be just what you’ve been waiting for! Enjoy amazing benefits, including…

  • Great, long-lasting results
  • Simple, short-term recovery steps
  • Minimal scarring compared to older procedures
  • The boost in confidence and self-image that comes with a younger-looking behind.

Our doctors would love to answer any remaining questions you have about this exciting new procedure. Schedule a consultation to get the answers you need, and to find out if you’re a good candidate.

Our Preferred Method: Fat Transfer

The Brazilian Butt Lift doesn’t use silicone or saline implants. Instead, your own fat is carefully removed from fat deposits around your body. It may be removed from the back, hips, thighs or other areas that typically have stubborn fat deposits. The removed fat is then processed and inserted into the target area to form the desired shape.

How it works

The procedure is very simple. First, you are gently sedated so that you don’t feel a thing. When you are ready, a tiny tube is inserted into the targeted fat area and a minor liposuction operation is performed to collect the fat that will be used.

Before the fat can be used to shape your butt, it must be processed with a lab procedure. Some unwanted matter is removed and the remaining fat is blended with a PRP (Protein-rich precipitate) that will help the fat keep its shape.

After the processing is complete, the perfected fat blend is loaded into needles and injected in different spots around the butt. The application is done in layers to produce the correct shape and to provide a more voluminous appearance. Applying the fat through injections allows for very precise control of the final shape. There is no cutting involved, so there is also minimal scarring.

The prominence of the results is determined by physical factors and your personal preferences. If you have a fuller figure, it will be easier to collect fat to transfer to your butt. You can choose a lighter or fuller look, but only a limited amount can be transferred in a single procedure.

Is it necessary to gain weight to graft?

Sufficient amounts of fat are required for the procedure, but it’s not recommended that you gain weight beforehand. The best looking and longest-lasting results happen when you have the procedure at your most stable shape.

Gaining and losing weight causes your fat deposits to increase in size or to be absorbed back into the body. If you gain weight before the procedure, the results may no longer be visible when you’ve worked off the weight again.

Can the procedure be repeated?

Unlike some plastic surgery procedures, the Brazilian Butt Lift doesn’t wear off over time. It is permanent as long as your weight remains stable. However, there are several situations where you may want to have the procedure again.

If you’ve experienced a fluctuation in weight, such as for pregnancy or a temporary illness, you can safely choose to have the procedure a second time. It’s also possible to have the procedure repeated shortly after the first if you wish for more prominent results. Talk to our doctors about this option if it interests you.

What is the recovery time, and what recovery steps need to be taken?

You should plan to take 3-5 days off work in order to protect the results of your procedure. The care is very simple. You’ll need to wear a special compression garment that will be provided by Chau Plastic Surgery. After a few days, you can switch to normal off-the-rack compression garments such as stockings or Spanx for the next couple weeks.

The Chau Plastic Surgery Difference

We here at Chau Plastic Surgery in Berkeley, Michigan take our time in assessing your needs. We utilize our extensive experience and training to determine the right Brazilian Butt Lift procedure for you.

We have collectively performed thousands of cosmetic surgeries of all kinds and we are confident that we can give you the look that best balances your desired appearance and your overall health.

To get a consultation or to ask us a question about our fat grafting procedures, give us a call at 248-290-8254 or schedule a consultation today!

Metro Detroit Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer (BBL)

Celebrities continuously flaunting their enviable backsides has likely contributed to the increase in the number of people around the country who are looking for a way to attain the shapely set of buttocks they have always wanted. Today, one of the fastest ways to fulfill this desire is with an innovative procedure referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The BBL can be performed using dermal fillers or the patient’s own fat cells.

A Brazilian Butt Lift Near Detroit Eliminates the Need for Butt Implants

Although the ability to augment the shape and volume of the buttocks has been around for a long time, the only option was surgery for the placement of butt implants. Today, people can attain the beautifully rounded, voluminous buttocks they desire without implants. Instead of implant surgery, patients are choosing a minimally invasive procedure known as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The Brazilian Butt Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer Are Quickly Gaining Popularity in the Metro Detroit Area

A traditional BBL is performed using dermal fillers like Sculptra. However, a BBL can also be performed using fat cells that are collected from the patient. With this minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon can create the patient a full, round, more-shapely set of buttocks.

A Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer Offers Patients Long-Lasting Results

By using the patient’s harvested fat, the results achieved can last for decades. Whereas, BBLs performed using dermal fillers only last from two to four years.

At Chau Plastic Surgery, the Surgeons Prefer Using the Patient’s Fat over Fillers and Implants

When a patient chooses to have a Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer, no fillers or implants are used. Instead, the surgeon harvests fat cells from other areas of the body. Areas that are frequently used for fat harvesting are those resistant to diet and exercise (e.g., the back, abdomen, thighs, hips, etc.).

How is the Fat Harvested?

Using the liposuction procedure, the surgeon removes fat from several areas of the patient’s body.

What Issues Can Be Addressed with a Detroit Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer?

A BBL with Fat Transfer can improve the size and shape of the buttocks as well as address issues related to its proportion or asymmetry.

In addition, a Brazilian Butt Lift can be used to lift up a set of sagging buttocks as well as to add shape and volume to the buttocks that appear flat.

What are the Benefits of Having a Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer Near Detroit?

The BBL with fat transfer offers patients the same results that butt implants and a Brazilian Butt Lift with dermal fillers offers. However, when comparing the longevity of the BBL with fillers and the Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer, the fat transfer procedure offers patients a longer-lasting result.

Some of the benefits associated a BBL include:

  • A relatively easy recovery.
  • Long-lasting butt augmentation results (with fat transfer, the results can last for decades).
  • An increase in self-confidence due to the improved self-image that many patients experience after a procedure such as this.
  • When compared to the older butt augmentation procedures, the Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer leaves behind very little scarring.
  • A decrease in the visibility of cellulite.
  • An improvement in the proportion and balance of the patient’s overall body shape.
  • Improving buttocks that sag by adding volume.
  • An increase in the projection and volume of the buttocks.
  • A plumper, rounder set of buttocks.

A Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer Near Detroit

At Chau Plastic Surgery in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit, board-certified plastic surgeons perform this revolutionary procedure to provide patients with the shapely, full set of buttocks they desire.

The Detroit Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer: The Fat Harvesting Process

A Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer is an outpatient procedure.

Since patients receive anesthesia, on the day of their BBL with fat transfer, patients need to bring a driver with them to the hospital. In addition, the patient should arrive about 15 minutes before his or her scheduled appointment time.

The areas of the body to be used for fat harvesting are discussed with the patient prior to the harvesting procedure.

BBL Procedure Steps:

1. Anesthesia is Administered

The patient is sedated, therefore, he or she feels nothing during the procedure. Once the patient is comfortable and the sedation has taken effect, the Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer begins.

2. Harvesting the Fat

The surgeon inserts a small tube into the area from which the fat will be harvested. Using liposuction, the surgeon removes fat deposits from areas in the patient’s body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Some of the areas typically used for fat harvesting include the back, abdomen, love handles and thighs.

3. Preparing the Fat for Injection

After removal, the tubes of fat are placed in a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a piece of equipment that spins at a high rate of speed. This spinning separates the weak fat cells from the strong fat cells. The surgeon knows which cells are the weakest because after centrifugation the weak cells float. The high-quality cells from the bottom of the tube are collected. These are the fat cells the surgeon will use for the Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer.

4. Collecting and Processing the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

After harvesting the fat cells, the surgeon draws some of the patient’s blood from a vein.

The tube of blood is then spun down in the centrifuge. This spinning separates the red blood cells from the plasma.

The surgeon collects the platelets and some of the plasma from the tube.

The platelet rich plasma is now added to the harvested fat cells.

5. Blending the Fat Cells with PRP

These collected fat cells will be blended with the platelet rich plasma. The PRP helps the fat cells maintain their shape and survive after they are transferred into the patient’s buttocks.

6. Filling the Syringes

Once blending of the fat cells and PRP is complete, the surgeon fills several syringes with this mixture.

7. Injecting the Fat Cell and PRP Mixture

The surgeon strategically injects this mixture into the buttocks, adding volume and beautifully contouring the patient’s backside.

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer

Patients need to take from three to five days off work or school. This time off is necessary to protect the BBL results.

Patients need to wear the compression garment they received from their surgeon at Chau Plastic Surgery after their BBL.

Once a few days have passed, patients can usually switch to a commercially available compression garment (e.g., Spanx).

Following a BBL, patients may have some inflammation and bruising in the areas where the surgeon harvested the fat.

Any discomfort the patient experiences can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

The compression garment helps decrease the amount of inflammation that develops in the buttocks, which reduces the amount of discomfort a patient experiences. Additionally, this garment helps the skin retract and ensures the buttocks heal properly.

Heading Home

Before leaving Chau Plastic Surgery, the patient receives post-surgical instructions.

One of the most important restrictions during the recovery period is to avoid placing direct pressure on the buttocks for at least eight weeks (even while the patient is sleeping on his or her back). Disregarding this restriction could result in fat cell death, which negatively effects the BBL results.

During Recovery, Patients Use a Special Pillow

To keep from putting direct pressure on their buttocks, patients use a special pillow. Prior to the BBL procedure, the surgeon discusses the type of pillow the patient will need during recovery.

Why Direct Pressure on the Buttocks Needs to Be Avoided After a BBL

When pressure is placed directly on the buttocks, the blood circulation to that area decreases. This lack of blood supply can destroy the fat cells that have been transferred there before they have had the opportunity to fully integrate into the buttocks.

The Importance of Choosing an Experienced BBL Surgeon in the Metro Detroit Area

It is during the injection process that the skill of the surgeon is of the utmost importance. As the surgeon injects this perfected blend into the buttocks, it should be administered in layers.

While using this layering technique, an experienced BBL surgeon has complete control of the procedure, which allows the plastic surgeon to create the voluminous, beautifully contoured set of buttocks that the patient desires.

The surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery have the artistic vision and skill to create the plump, round and beautifully contoured buttocks that many people in the Metro Detroit Area desire. Furthermore, due to the surgeons’ experience performing Brazilian Butt Lifts with Fat Transfer the results achieved can look completely natural.

Patients can choose to have slight changes in their buttocks or opt for a fuller, more voluptuous result. However, there are limits on the amount of fat that can be transferred in one session, therefore, patients who would like the surgeon to add a lot of volume may need an additional session to attain optimal results.

Since the surgeon does not have to make any incisions in the buttocks, there is very little scarring.

The prominence of the buttocks is determined by the patient’s physical characteristics and personal preferences.

It is usually easier to harvest the fat for transfer from patients with a fuller figure.

Should a Patient Gain Weight to Have a Sufficient Amount of Fat to Transfer?

Although a sufficient amount of fat is required to perform this procedure, gaining weight beforehand is not recommended because patients who remain at a stable weight for quite some time before their Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer attain the longest-lasting and best-looking BBL results.

The Negative Aspects of Gaining Weight Before a BBL Near Detroit

When we gain weight, the size of our fat cells increases and when we lose weight, the fat cells shrink. Therefore, when a patient gains weight before a Brazilian Butt Lift, once the weight is lost, the results of the BBL may be lost as well.

Who Should Consider a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Whether an individual is in his or her 20s and looking to attain more dramatic curves or 40 years old and interested in a more youthful-looking backside, a BBL can benefit nearly anyone.

An ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer is someone who is in good health, has a sufficient amount of fat in his or her back, hips, abdomen or thighs. In addition, the patient must have realistic expectations in regards to the results that can be expected from a Brazilian Butt Lift in the Metro Detroit Area.

Could a Patient Have More than One BBL?

As long as the patient’s weight remains stable, the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer will not wear off, nonetheless, there are reasons for a patient to request another BBL. For example, if a patient experiences a weight fluctuation due to an illness or pregnancy, another Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer may be necessary. In addition, if the patient would like his or her BBL results to be more noticeable, this procedure can be repeated.

Risks Associated with a BBL

Every procedure has risks.

The risks associated with the Brazilian Butt Lift include:

  • Excessive blood loss.
  • Liposuction complications.
  • Bruising.
  • Complications related to the medications used to put the patient to sleep.
  • Infection.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Blood clots.
  • Necrosis of tissue or fat.
  • Deep vein thrombosis.
  • Lung and heart complications.
  • A fat embolism.

Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is one of the best ways to decrease the likelihood of experiencing a complication.

Procedure Cost

At Chau Plastic Surgery, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, therefore, the only way to determine how much a BBL with Fat Transfer will cost is with a consultation.

If you are in the Metro Detroit Area and want to learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Transfer, or any of the other plastic surgery procedures that the surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery perform, contact Chau Plastic Surgery in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit.

Chau Plastic Surgery has experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons who can perform a BBL to enhance a patient’s buttocks using his or her excess fat cells. Call (248) 799-2880 to schedule a consultation with an experienced Brazilian Butt Lift surgeon. Patients who would like to request an appointment online can click here. Chau Plastic Surgery is located at 27901 Woodward Avenue, Suite 100, in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit.

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