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Dimples are an inherited facial feature. When people who have this feature smile, small depressions appear in the cheeks. The small depression develops from an indention in the middle layer of skin (i.e., the dermis). A dimpleplasty, also known as dimple surgery or dimple creation surgery, is an outpatient plastic surgery procedure that is performed in the office, that creates dimples in the cheeks. People in the Detroit area, who have always wanted dimples, can now acquire them with a dimpleplasty.

A Dimpleplasty in Berkley, Michigan, Near Detroit

A dimpleplasty is an elective, minimally invasive in-office surgery designed to create cheek depressions that mimic the look of naturally occurring dimples.

Why Would Someone Want To Have Dimples?

People typically consider dimples to be a charming and attractive facial feature.

A Dimpleplasty Can Create or Restore Dimples

Sometimes, with age, natural dimples become less noticeable. In addition, some people are born with only one dimple. Chau Plastic surgery’s surgeons can perform a dimpleplasty to restore dimples that have become less pronounced, create a matching dimple for someone who only has one or create a set of dimples.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Dimpleplasty Near Detroit?

Anyone who would like an experienced surgeon to create natural-looking dimples, as well as someone who is missing a dimple or wants to restore their less-pronounced dimples, may be a good candidate for dimple surgery.

Dimple Creation Surgery Near Detroit

Some patients prefer subtle dimples, whereas others would like their dimples to be more pronounced. Therefore, as the surgeons at Chau Plastic Surgery create a patient’s dimple surgery plan, they take the facial structure, as well as the patient’s aesthetic desires into consideration.

How Long Does a Dimpleplasty Near Detroit Take?

Dimple surgery with local anesthesia takes about 30 minutes. However, due to the pre-surgical prep time and the patient’s post-surgical recovery, patients should expect to remain longer.

Patients can choose to have their surgery with or without sedation. A patient who has sedation remains in recovery longer than a patient who only has local anesthesia does.

What To Expect During Dimple Creation Surgery

Once the local anesthesia takes effect and the patient is comfortable, the surgeon creates a small incision on the inside of the cheek. This incision allows the doctor to bring the skin on the backside of the cheek and the facial muscle beneath it together.

Then, the surgeon unites the skin and muscle with a permanent stitch.

As the patient smiles, the contraction of the facial muscles in the cheeks creates the dimple effect.

Does a Dimpleplasty Near Detroit Hurt?

Most patients state that they feel no pain during their dimple creation procedure. However, they do mention that they feel a slight tugging sensation as the surgeon places the stitches.

What Creates the Dimples?

During a dimpleplasty, the surgeon creates a small incision in the inside of the mouth. The permanent suture that is placed to the deep tissue of the cheek creates a small scar under the skin
that creates the dimpling effect.

A Consultation for Dimple Surgery Near Detroit

Individuals, who would like to have dimple creation surgery, need to schedule an initial consultation with one of Chau Plastic Surgery’s surgeons in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit.

During their consultation, patients can expect to have:

  • An assessment of their overall health.
  • A facial evaluation.

What Patients Need To Provide Their Detroit Plastic Surgeon

During their initial consultation, patients must inform their medical professional about previous surgical procedures and treatments. In addition, the surgeon needs to know which medications, vitamins and herbs the patient takes. Furthermore, patients must let their doctor know if they have an allergy to latex or to any medications.

If the patient is a good candidate for dimple surgery and decides to move forward, he or she has several options to consider.

The patient can choose:

  • Where the dimples are located on the cheek.
  • The size of the dimples.
  • The depth of their dimples.

After the patient makes these choices, the surgeon schedules his or her dimpleplasty procedure in Berkley, Michigan, near Detroit.

Preparing for a Dimpleplasty, Near Detroit

To reduce the likelihood of unnecessary bleeding, patients need to discontinue taking certain medications, herbs and vitamins approximately 10 days before their surgery.

These medications include:

  • Blood thinners (e.g., Plavix). Patients must speak with their physician before they decrease the dose of, or discontinue taking, any prescription or recommended medication.
  • Aspirin.
  • Tamoxifen and estrogen.

Herbs and vitamins include:

  • Fish oil.
  • Vitamin E.
  • St. John’s Wort.
  • Ephedra.
  • Echinacea.
  • Ginseng.

If a patient needs to take pain medication during the 10 days before surgery, acetaminophen (i.e., Tylenol) is usually an acceptable option.

Stop Using Products That Contain Nicotine

Using products that contain nicotine increases a patient’s risk for experiencing complications during the healing process (e.g., the development of an infection). Therefore, patients need to refrain from using these products for at least three weeks before and after their dimple creation surgery.

Recovering from a Dimpleplasty

Inflammation, bruising and slight discomfort following dimple creation surgery are normal. Nonetheless, pain medication (e.g., acetaminophen) and cool compresses can help alleviate these symptoms.

To give their incisions time to heal, patients are instructed to cut their food into smaller pieces and avoid eating large sandwiches/burgers etc. so as not to overly stretch their mouth. They are instructed to eat soft foods and avoid hard foods like chips for the 7-10 days after the procedure. They are also instructed not to use a straw during the week following their procedure. Patients are also instructed to use mouth wash after each meal for the first week after the dimpleplasty surgery.

Since patients need to avoid putting stress on the treatment areas, they should plan to relax for at least two days after their dimple surgery. In addition, this temporary break gives the post-surgical soreness and mild bruising some time to decrease before the patient shares his or her results with others. Patients also need to avoid strenuous exercises and refrain from stretching their facial muscles.

When patients are washing their faces, they need to lightly pat the dimple area. Precautions are also necessary while they brush their teeth. For example, patients should avoid using electric toothbrushes for at least a week, possibly two. Instead, they should gently brush their teeth using a manual toothbrush. In addition, once a patient completes brushing, he or she needs to be gentle while rinsing.

The Follow-up Visit

About a week after their dimpleplasty near Detroit, patients return to Chau Plastic Surgery for their follow-up visit.

When Will Dimple Surgery Results Be Visible?

Patients see results directly following their surgery. However, these initial results typically appear much more prominent than their final results will be. The final results of a dimpleplasty become evident three to six months after dimple surgery.

How Long Do Dimpleplasty Results Last?

Dimple surgery results are long-lasting; however, they may not be permanent. Factors affecting how pronounced a patient’s dimples remain following surgery include his or her age, weight fluctuations, facial changes and gravity.

Are There Any Risks or Complications Associated With a Dimpleplasty?

Besides the typical discomfort, inflammation and bruising, complications following dimple surgery are rare. Nonetheless, as with all procedures, complications are possible and must be considered.

Potential complications include:

  • Excessive bleeding at the site of the incision.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Infection.
  • Chronic infection
  • Inadequate dimple formation or asymmetrical results.

One of the best ways to avoid complications from dimple surgery is to choose an experienced surgeon to perform the procedure.

How Much Will a Dimpleplasty Cost?

To find out how much dimple creation surgery costs, please call (248) 799-2880 to schedule a consultation.

The surgeons and expert injectors at Chau Plastic Surgery provide people in and around Detroit with a variety of physical and facial enhancement procedures.

Combined, Chau Plastic Surgery’s doctors have more than 40 years of experience performing cosmetic surgery procedures. If you want to learn more about the dimpleplasty procedure, call (248) 799-2880 and schedule your no-obligation initial consultation near Detroit today.

Chau Plastic Surgery is located at 27901 Woodward Avenue, Suite #100, in Berkley, Michigan.

Dimpleplasty FAQ

What is the Dimpleplasty Procedure?

Dimpleplasty is a light procedure that uses a few minor touches to gently merge the underside of the skin on the cheek with the facial muscles below it.

A stitch is placed inside the mouth to bring the skin and muscle together to create the natural-looking indentation in the cheeks. The stitches are completely dissolvable, but when they’re gone, the area where they’ve been brought together will remain. This creates the effect of dimples whenever the muscles contract like they do when you’re smiling!

Who Gets the Most out of a Dimpleplasty?

The procedure is popular with people of all ages. Many people use Dimpleplasty to restore the look that’s already natural to them. There’s no set age when dimples disappear on people who were born with them. For some, the dimples will last into middle age, but others will lose their natural dimples as early as their 20s.

The Dimpleplasty is even popular among young millenials—both those who want to restore dimples that faded too quickly and those who want to have beautiful dimples even though they were born without them.

How do I Prepare for a Dimpleplasty?

Every Dimpleplasty begins with a consultation to determine if the procedure is safe for you. Most people are good candidates, but the final determination must be made by one of our doctors before we can begin.

If the procedure is right for you, you will be able to choose from many different looks. You will be able to choose the placement, size, and depth that you prefer from the most natural-looking ranges.

After all of the necessary choices have been made, you will be given a date and time. The procedure takes less than an hour in most cases, and protecting your new look will only take a couple of days of downtime.

What Should I Expect during the Procedure?

The procedure is minimally invasive, so it requires only a local anesthetic applied to the treatment areas on both sides of the face. While it’s not common, IV sedation may be available for those patients who prefer it.  

You will be able to relax comfortably in a treatment chair while the incisions are made and the sutures are put in place. Many patients report feeling no pain, or only a slight tugging sensation as the stitches are placed.

All incisions created during the procedure are completely sealed by the stitches, so additional dressing is not necessary. You will be able to walk out without bandages.

How so I Protect My Results after a Dimpleplasty Procedure?

You should plan for at least 2-3 days of relaxation following the procedure to avoid stressing the treatment area. As long as you don’t exercise strenuously or stretch your facial muscles too much, the results will be perfectly safe.

A couple of days of rest will also give any mild bruising or soreness time to heal before you show off your new look to the world.

The dimples will be far more prominent in the first few weeks after the procedure has been completed. Over time, the dimples will steadily soften as you use your facial muscles until they reach the stage where they look the most natural.

How Does Chau Plastic Surgery Do it Differently?

Chau Plastic Surgery serves the Berkley, Michigan area with a wide variety of beautifying procedures. Our doctors have a combined 30 years of experience applying treatments just like our new Dimpleplasty and were ready to help you find just the right one to fit your needs.

All of our procedures are designed to give you safe, natural results that you’ll be proud to show off to your the world. We do our best to give you the most control possible over the look that your treatment creates for you.

It all begins with a no-obligation consultation. This is our chance to make sure that the Dimpleplasty is safe for you, and your chance to ask any questions you have. Please call us at 248-799-2880 or using our convenient form to schedule your consultation today.

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