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Although it is usually women who desire longer, fuller eyelashes, since eyelashes protect the eyes from debris, men and women with sparse eyelashes should consider trying Latisse (i.e., bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) to lengthen their lashes. Some also refer to Latisse as bimatoprost. This innovative lash-lengthening product is available at Chau Plastic Surgery, near Detroit.

What Is Latisse?

For decades, women who desire longer, thicker and darker lashes have been using faux eyelashes. While this option essentially solves the problem of sparse eyelashes, it is only a temporary fix. Furthermore, applying the traditional false eyelashes with glue can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Even the magnetic eyelash extensions are difficult to place. Today, women in and around Detroit can put all these products behind them and naturally thicken their eyelashes using a revolutionary product called Latisse. Furthermore, men with thin eyelashes may be good candidates for this 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.

How Do Longer, Fuller Eyelashes Affect Perception?

The results of a 2001 study, Beauty is in the eye of the beautiful: Enhanced eyelashes increase perceived health and attractiveness, which examined the psychological impact eyelash length has on the perception of beauty, finds that women with fuller eyelashes are considered highly attractive, healthy and extremely feminine.

Having Short, Thin Eyelashes Affects More Than Just Perception

Although full eyelashes serve as a symbol of beauty for women, their main role is to protect the eyes. According to the American Optometric Association, patients with full eyelashes are less likely to develop viral, fungal and bacterial eye infections. In addition, longer eyelashes decrease the likelihood of foreign objects entering the eye (e.g., dust particles and allergens). Therefore, after lengthening and adding volume to their eyelashes using a product like Latisse, they are improving their eye protection.

What Causes the Eyelashes To Thin?

Some medical conditions can cause the eyelashes to lose volume. These conditions include sties, ingrown eyelashes or madrosis.

Do Latisse Treatments in Detroit Actually Work?

Yes. Bimatoprost, which is the main ingredient of Latisse, is also present in a medication for glaucoma. While taking this medication, people with glaucoma noticed that their eyelashes were becoming darker and thickening. This led to Allergan, Inc., harnessing bimatoprost for eyelash rejuvenation and the creation of Latisse.

Study Verifies Latisse Effectiveness for Eyelash Growth

This study included 278 participants, with 137 of the participants applying this revolutionary eyelash enhancement serum nightly. The other 141 applied a placebo.

At week 16:

  • All 137 of those who applied Latisse experienced an average growth increase of 25%. The 141 participants applying the placebo had a 2% increase.
  • 136 of the participants using the real eyelash enhancement product increased the thickness of their eyelashes by nearly 110% with 140 of those applying the placebo experiencing an increase of 12%.
  • 135 of the patients using bimatoprost increased the darkness of their eyelashes by almost 20% and 138 of those applying the placebo experienced an increase in eyelash darkness of 3%.

How Does Latisse in Detroit Work?

Bimatoprost is an artificial prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are naturally occurring compounds in the body that have hormone-like effects. Latisse works by lengthening the eyelash growth cycle. Lengthening this cycle allows people to attain the fuller lashes they desire.

Is Latisse an FDA-Approved Product?

Yes, bimatoprost is a medical-based growth serum that the FDA has approved for the treatment of sparse eyelashes.

Who Should Consider Latisse Treatments in Detroit?

Anyone who has healthy eyes, is at least 18 years of age and is not pregnant or breastfeeding may be a good candidate for eyelash enhancement using bimatoprost serum.

How Long Does It take To See the Results?

Latisse works progressively. Some patients notice results in as little as four weeks. However, full results take about 16 weeks.

Why Would Someone Need To Stop Using Latisse?

Individuals experiencing eye pain, severe eye irritation or changes in vision need to discontinue using bimatoprost, and contact their doctor right away.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for Bimatoprost Treatments in Detroit?

People with an allergy to bimatoprost should not use Latisse.

In addition, patients must let their Detroit doctor know if they have ever had:

  • An injury to the lens of the eye.
  • Inflammation in or around their eye.
  • Glaucoma.
  • An eye infection.
  • Eye surgery.
  • Retinal detachment.
  • An increase in eye pressure.

Potential Side Effects of Latisse

This eyelash enhancement serum can increase the amount of brown pigment an individual has in his or her eyes, which can lead to a change in the color of the iris or the lashes and eyelid. These changes in color occur gradually, taking months or even years to become evident. However, any changes that occur during treatment may remain even after the patient discontinues using bimatoprost serum. Furthermore, if only one eye is receiving treatment, these changes will only affect that eye.

Patients experiencing an allergic reaction to bimatoprost should seek medical care right away.

Signs of an allergic reaction are:

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Inflammation of the lips, face, throat or tongue.

Why Would a Patient Stop Bimatoprost Treatment?

Patients who experience any of the symptoms listed below must stop using this eyelash enhancement treatment and call their doctor.

Symptoms include:

  • Severe itching or burning of the eyes.
  • Redness, crusting or drainage.
  • Severe discomfort.
  • Eye pain.
  • Vision problems.
  • Eyes that are extremely sensitive to light.
  • Feeling as if there is something in their eye.
  • Seeing halos around lights.

This list of side effects is incomplete. Therefore, other side effects are possible.

Can Other Drugs Affect Latisse?

It is unlikely that medications, herbal supplements and vitamins taken orally will impact topically applied products like bimatoprost. Nonetheless, many drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements can have a negative reaction to one another, which is why patients need to tell their Chau Plastic Surgery physician about all the medications, herbs and vitamins they are taking.

Using Latisse, which is the revolutionary eyelash enhancement serum from Allergan, Inc., women can attain the long, lustrous lashes they desire and men can prevent the onset of issues resulting from too few eyelashes (e.g., an eye infection). If you are in the Detroit area, Chau Plastic Surgery can help you attain longer, fuller eyelashes to enhance your beauty and protect your eyes. To learn more, please call the office at (248) 799-2880 to schedule an appointment. Chau Plastic Surgery’s address is 27901 Woodward Avenue, Suite #100, in Berkley, Michigan.


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