What Men Should Know About Plastic Surgery

It’s a perfectly natural desire to want to look your best, no matter your gender. Whether it’s for professional advancement, dating, to correct a medical issue or for your own personal self-esteem, looking your best can help make you feel your best, and that can keep you on top of your game – whatever that game happens to be.

Often, men are afraid to seek the services of a plastic surgeon, either because they think plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures are “for women only,” or they simply don’t know what their options are or who to go to.

If you are a man who is considering a procedure but doesn’t know where to begin, don’t be overwhelmed – check out these tips for selecting a surgeon and procedure.

Know What You Want

We don’t expect you to come into the office with a detailed surgical plan of exactly what you want done, but do have a general idea about what it is that’s bothering you. Is your skin sagging? Are your pores enlarged? Is your nose too wide? Any details you can provide about the issue you want corrected can help us narrow down an appropriate treatment.

Do Some Research

Before you select a surgeon, make sure that surgeon is board certified and knows what he or she is doing. Check the surgeon’s website for before and after photos. You may even see results that you want to emulate. While you’re doing your research, check your surgeon’s online reviews from other patients – especially those with similar issues to yours.

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Chau offers free consultations to all patients. A consultation is a great way to discuss options, get feedback and develop a rapport with the doctor and staff. This will go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable and at ease before your procedure.

Follow Your Pre-op Instructions

When you book your procedure, you may be given pre-operative instructions to follow, such as quitting smoking, stopping certain medications or vitamins, not tanning, and more. Please read over the instructions carefully and make sure you follow them to the letter. If you have any questions or concerns about anything you see in the pre-op packet, contact Dr. Chau’s office as soon as possible.

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