What Men Should Know About Plastic Surgery

It’s a perfectly natural desire to want to look your best, no matter your gender. Whether it’s for professional advancement, dating, to correct a medical issue or for your own personal self-esteem, looking your best can help make you feel your best, and that can keep you on top of your game – whatever that game happens to be.

New Study Reveals What Plastic Surgery Patients Really Want

What makes for a good plastic surgery experience? Is it a good surgeon? A pristine office? A welcoming staff? If online reviews are any indication, it’s a combination of the three, and maybe more. But if a practice fails to perform in any one of these areas, it can mean an automatic one-star review, regardless of how the practice performs … Read More

How to Prepare Caregivers for Plastic Surgery Recovery

  If you are scheduled to undergo plastic surgery, you are no doubt at least a little bit nervous – after all, it is surgery, and even the bravest and toughest of us sometimes get a little bit nervous. But the good news is that you’re in great hands with Dr. Chau, and with just a few simple steps, you … Read More

Australian Plastic Surgeon Faces Charges of Operating Without Consent

For some patients, waking from surgery to discover they’ve had an extra plastic surgery procedure they didn’t pay for sounds like a dream come true. But that’s not the case for a Rhonda Joy Erwin of Elanora, Australia. When Erwin was treated by Dr. Mark Doyle, a local plastic surgeon, she claims he performed a scar removal procedure on her … Read More