What is Voluma?

This week’s blog is all about a relatively new product on the market called Voluma®.  This product is from the company Allergan that many may already know of because of their other popular products like Juvederm® and Botox®.  Like Juvederm®, Voluma® is a type of filler made from hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar naturally found in the body.  Similar to Juvederm®, Voluma® is used to provide volume to the area in which it is injected.  It is currently used to provide volume to the midface and cheeks.  The hyaluronic acid molecules in Voluma® are slightly larger than that found in Juvederm® and therefore can provide more volume to a given area.  As the face ages, we loose volume in our cheeks and mid face.  Voluma® injections into these areas can help to restore the volume that has been lost and help to enhance ones cheekbones.  The injections are relatively painless and can be done in the office.  The most common side effect if any, might be some bruising at the site of the injection.  Because of the way the product is manufactured, it can have visible effects for up to 2 years.

I have seen remarkable results with this product and have had many happy patients.  If you think you might be interested to learn more about this product and see if you are a good candidate for it, call my office to schedule a complementary cosmetic consultation.