Don’t Fall into a Summer Skin Care Rut

As summer draws to a close and our minds turn from lazy beach days and barbecues to back-to-school and holiday travel plans, don’t forget to think about your skin – or namely, your fall skin care routine. That’s because as the seasons change, so do our skin care needs. So, this fall, as you’re getting your life out of “vacay” … Read More

July Is UV Safety Month

With summer in full swing and people everywhere heading outdoors to bask in the summer sunshine, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has declared July “UV Safety Month.” UV, or ultraviolet, rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by everything from welding torches to tanning beds to – you guessed it – the sun. In … Read More

Summer Surgery Tips

  With the summer equinox coming up soon and everyone’s minds already dreaming of barbecues and beach days, you may think it’s the wrong time of year to consider a plastic surgery procedure. But believe it or not, summer can be one of the most convenient times to get a plastic surgery procedure. Here’s why!

April Is National Rosacea Awareness Month

  April is the month of awareness for some pretty interesting things: Fresh Celery Month, Soft Pretzel Month and even National Humor Month! But it’s also an awareness month for something much more serious: the skin condition known as rosacea. Maybe you’ve never heard of rosacea before, or maybe you’ve heard the term but have no idea what it is, … Read More