Don’t Fall into a Summer Skin Care Rut

As summer draws to a close and our minds turn from lazy beach days and barbecues to back-to-school and holiday travel plans, don’t forget to think about your skin – or namely, your fall skin care routine. That’s because as the seasons change, so do our skin care needs. So, this fall, as you’re getting your life out of “vacay” mode, don’t forget to adjust your skin care accordingly. Here’s how:

Weather or Not

The biggest change we notice when the season changes is the weather. From summer to fall, the biggest change is the drastic drop in temperatures – especially up here in Michigan. Gone are those sunny, humid days, and in their place are cooler and drier days. But while this may be more comfortable for going about our daily lives, our skin may not exactly agree. Cooler, drier weather means dull, dry skin, so don’t forget to slather on the moisturizer, or switch to a heavier-duty moisturizer. Want your moisturizer to go further? The best time to moisturize is within 20 minutes of leaving the shower, when your skin is still full of water. Speaking of moisturizers, now is a good time to check the expiration date on that bottle of moisturizer left over from last fall and replace as necessary.

Drink Up!

We know you’ve been told to drink plenty of water in the summer to prevent yourself from dehydrating in the heat, but just because you drank water like a fish all summer doesn’t mean you should stop because the temperatures dropped. Water helps keep the body running at optimum levels, but it can also help keep your skin hydrated during the cold, windy Midwestern fall and winter.

Just Add Humidity

Whether it’s a desktop personal humidifier or a larger multi-room unit, invest in a good humidifier and keep it going all fall and winter long. It will not only help your skin, but will also help your entire body feel better, especially if a cold or flu hits your household. The moisture in the air can make coughs a lot more comfortable and help keep noses and lips from chapping due to seasonal allergies or one of the bugs that appear during fall and winter.

Change Colors

The leaves aren’t the only things that should change colors this fall. Your makeup colors should change too, especially if you’ve been wearing bronzer (good!) or tanning (bad!). As we step out of the sun, our skin will eventually return to its natural shade, meaning our summer makeup will most likely be too dark. Invest in new colors or check the labels on your pre-summer makeup and continue using them if they’re still good.

Book a Treatment

Spend too much time in the sun? Forget the sunblock once or twice or 30 times? Your skin may not look as young and supple as it could. That’s why now is a great time to book an Equinox CO2 laser facial to address some of that aging and damage you may have incurred during the summer. Want to look refreshed after your leisurely summer? This is also a wonderful time to refresh your Botox or Juvaderm before heading back to the office full speed.

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