Vampire Facial: Sensational or Scary?

It sounds like something straight out of your nightmares, but the platelet rich plasma, or “vampire,” facial is anything but a bad dream. Seen on the social media pages of everyone from Kim Kardashian to Bar Rafaeli, the so-called vampire facial uses the patient’s own platelet rich plasma to super-charge collagen production and create a more youthful appearance.

Are Prisoners Entitled to Plastic Surgery for Protection?

In 1993, two 10-year-old British boys named Jon Venables and Robert Thompson did the unthinkable. The classmates abducted a 2-year-old boy named James Bulger, tortured him, and eventually murdered him. Venables and Thompson were both found guilty of the horrific crime but were released at the age of 18 with the guarantee of lifelong anonymity and new identities.

Are Beauty Filters the New Face-Lift?

With over 500 million active users on Instagram as of September 2017 and 158 million active users on Snapchat every day, it’s safe to say the social networks have a far reach. But unlike trends in recent years that left users rushing to plastic surgeons’ offices for Botox, fillers and other procedures to make them look “selfie ready,” new filters … Read More