Plastic Surgery Trend Could Have Painful Consequences

When you hear the words “tongue splitting,” chances are you don’t think whatever-it-means sounds very comfortable. Unfortunately, that’s because it’s not. Tongue splitting is the act of surgically splitting the tongue up the middle to make a human tongue look more like lizard’s forked tongue. But while it can be argued that most surgical procedures come with at least some … Read More

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the newest trend in plastic surgery isn’t new at all – in fact, it’s something you’re already pretty familiar with: you. It’s the natural look, or in other words, you, only better. Are you ready to try the natural look trend and reveal your best … Read More

Kylie Jenner Removes Fillers, Causes a Stir

Let’s face it: Hollywood’s “has-she-or-hasn’t-she” culture has opened our eyes to a lot of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that we may never have heard about otherwise. From blood facials to Brazilian butt-lifts and literally everything in between, if celebrities are trying it, we want to know. So, when celebrity rich kid Kylie Jenner famously started sporting much more voluptuous … Read More

Revenge Makeovers Are All the Rage

When actress Jennifer Aniston recently split from husband Justin Theroux, tabloid magazines trumpeted that the actress, age 49, was set to get what many have referred to as a “revenge makeover.” But today’s revenge makeover looks a whole lot different than it used to. What used to mean a new haircut or a cute new outfit now means everything from … Read More

Couples Are ‘Beauty Matching’ Through Plastic Surgery

Have you ever wanted to get the same fillers as your spouse? How about the same abs? Well, some couples are doing just that, thanks to a new trend called “beauty matching.” Growing in popularity in countries like Lebanon and Dubai, beauty matching is the trend of seeing your partner’s results from a plastic surgery procedure and then scheduling the … Read More