Couples Are ‘Beauty Matching’ Through Plastic Surgery

Have you ever wanted to get the same fillers as your spouse? How about the same abs? Well, some couples are doing just that, thanks to a new trend called “beauty matching.” Growing in popularity in countries like Lebanon and Dubai, beauty matching is the trend of seeing your partner’s results from a plastic surgery procedure and then scheduling the same procedure for yourself.

“It sounds like patients are getting identical procedures, but they’re really not,” says Dr. Bruce Chau, a plastic surgeon based in Berkeley, Michigan. “It’s more the idea that your spouse came home looking great, so you go out and get the same procedure with your own results.”

That last part is the key, says Chau.

“Whenever you get plastic surgery, you want to make sure you still look like you,” he says. “Even if you bring your surgeon a picture of a nose you like, you probably won’t get that identical nose. Your surgeon will work with you to find what you like about that nose and try to give you that look without totally changing your nose into someone else’s.”

Chau says that the thought behind it is probably that couples don’t want to be left in the dust by each other.

“If a wife comes home with Botox and she looks younger and refreshed, her husband may feel like he looks tired and old in comparison. So, his wife’s new look is motivating him to improve his own appearance so he can keep up with her, looks-wise,” says Chau.

Chau believes it’s not the worst idea, as long as couples remain realistic about their goals.

“The last thing we want is for someone to feel like they have to have a procedure they don’t need or want because they want to keep up with their spouse,” he says. “It shouldn’t be a competition, but if your partner motivates you to be your best, well, there’s nothing wrong with that.”