Rihanna’s Famous Body Launching a New Plastic Surgery Trend

For more than a decade, singer Rihanna has been captivating fans around the world, launching trends with everything from her hairstyle to her makeup and even her clothes. But now, the singer is inspiring a new trend – but this one is a bit more permanent.

“Plastic surgeons are reporting a lot of women of color are coming in and requesting Rihanna’s nose,” says Dr. Bruce Chau, a plastic surgeon in Berkeley, Michigan.

According to Chau, requests for celebrity body parts is nothing new – but this new trend is somewhat different.

“The positive thing about this particular celebrity inspiration is that her nose is very natural looking. If she (Rihanna) has had any work done, it’s subtle,” says Chau.

But just because it’s natural for Rihanna doesn’t mean it is for plastic surgery patients, right? Not exactly, says Chau.

“What women like about Rihanna’s nose is that it’s symmetrical, but it still fits her face. She isn’t Rihanna with a Kardashian nose. She’s Rihanna with Rihanna’s nose,” he says.

And that’s what patients have begun embracing.

“What we’re seeing is that women of all races are really beginning to embrace the size and shape of their features, but maybe enhancing them, or refining them here and there,” says Chau. “Not drastic changes or someone else’s nose, but a big enough change that they’re more comfortable in their own skin.”

So, what should a patient do if she wants Rihanna or any other celebrity’s nose?

“Well, first ask yourself what it is you like about your own nose, and what is it you wish you could change,” says Chau. “Then ask yourself what exactly you like about that celebrity’s nose. When you know that, you can figure out what you’re looking for with your own results.”