What is Cheek Augmentation?

High, prominent cheekbones are one of the most coveted facial features in the world, for both men and women. While nobody knows exactly why, it has been theorized that it comes down to biology. For women, it is believed that high cheekbones are a sign of sexual maturity (i.e., they are able to have children) and in men, a 2004 study published in The Proceedings of the Royal Society revealed that in early man, women preferred high cheekbones to large teeth, which another study theorized was because large cheekbones indicated a man was better able to take a punch to the face (and protect his mate).

Today, high cheekbones don’t serve much of a biological purpose, but they are considered a sign of beauty in those who are lucky enough to have them. For the rest of us, there are makeup tricks like contouring, but this is only temporary and requires a lot of time – not to mention a skill level most of us don’t possess. Thankfully, there’s a solution for those of us who don’t have the energy or the know-how to create the illusion of cheekbones: cheek augmentation.

Cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to emphasize or add volume to the cheekbones. Cheek augmentations are most often completed with the use of a prosthetic cheek implant made of either silicone, polyethylene (Medpor) or ePFTE, also known as Gore-Tex (yes, the same stuff used to insulate winter jackets and gloves!).

In recent years, surgeons have begun to use techniques like fat grafting and fillers such as Restylane as a less invasive means to create the look of high cheekbones.

Cheek augmentations that require implants are outpatient procedures that take about an hour to complete. Often, patients pair cheek augmentations with other facial plastic surgery, but they can be done as a stand-alone procedure. The implant is installed through an incision inside the mouth that is made directly above the gumline. A pocket is then created above the existing cheekbone, and the implant is inserted into the pocket. The implant is secured in place with a small stabilizing screw, which remains permanently attached to the cheek. The result is beautiful, natural-looking cheekbones that are always perfectly contoured!

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