Trending Now: Bra-Bulge Liposuction

When many people think about liposuction, they probably think about the traditional areas of the body to receive the treatment. Places like the abdomen, thighs and even the upper arms. But now, a growing new trend in liposuction is making waves across the globe, and it’s taking body fat from an unexpected area: the armpit.

Dubbed “bra-bulge” liposuction, this rising trend is taking body fat from the underarm or armpit areas, as well as body fat that sits above or below the back of the bra band. So, why is this area suddenly getting so much attention? Dr. Bruce Chau a plastic surgeon in Berkeley, Michigan has his theories.

“Well, it’s swimsuit season,” said Chau. “People are exposing areas of their body that they don’t usually expose, and they’re noticing those areas might not be as slender as they could be.”

Though Chau says liposuction in the upper back and underarms isn’t actually a new procedure, the focus on that area certainly is.

“We are living in a Facebook and Instagram world, where every move we make is posted for the world to see,” said Chau. “The pressure for the average person to look photo-ready at all times is increasing.”

According to reports, that pressure is also increasing rates of plastic surgery procedures across the board.

“Last year the trend was that everyone wanted to be selfie-ready,” Chau said. “The difference now is that instead of just being selfie-ready, people are worried about being tagged in someone else’s photo. It’s not enough to look great from the front, now people want to make sure they look good from every angle.”

Adding to the justification of liposuction in the back and underarms? According to Chau, that area is notoriously difficult to tone up.

“Fat usually deposits itself in inconvenient areas, which is why liposuction is so common to begin with,” Chau said. “The underarm and upper back are two areas that happen to be hard to tone up. For patients who have lost excessive weight, these areas can also have a lot of excess skin left behind.”