It’s Not Illegal to Lie About Medical Specialties in Some Areas

When seeking a plastic surgeon, many patients think they’re doing their due diligence by looking for all the right qualities: an excellent portfolio, a fair price and good patient reviews. But many patients take one very important piece of information for granted: board certification. Board certification is a rigorous set of standards set forth by a governing board of specialists … Read More

Australian Plastic Surgeon Faces Charges of Operating Without Consent

For some patients, waking from surgery to discover they’ve had an extra plastic surgery procedure they didn’t pay for sounds like a dream come true. But that’s not the case for a Rhonda Joy Erwin of Elanora, Australia. When Erwin was treated by Dr. Mark Doyle, a local plastic surgeon, she claims he performed a scar removal procedure on her … Read More

Woman in Coma Following Plastic Surgery Procedure with Unlicensed Practitioner

It’s safe to say that in the United States, people have a fascination with plastic surgery mishaps, as evidenced by the popularity of TV shows like the E! Network’s Botched. But while most cases on Botched can be fixed, and with beautiful results, not all bungled surgeries have such happy endings. Such is the case of a woman in Nanning, Guangxi, … Read More