Should American Parents Worry About K-Pop’s Obsession with Plastic Surgery?

You may have never heard the term K-Pop before, but your teens probably have. It sounds like it could be anything from the latest energy drink to a colorful new breakfast cereal, but believe it or not, it isn’t food – it’s a generic name for an anything-but-generic music movement based in South Korea, and it’s sweeping the globe at … Read More

Illegal Plastic Surgery Ring Highlights Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

Police in Mokpo, South Jeolla, South Korea, recently disbanded an illegal plastic surgery ring. According to reports by the Jeonam Regional Police Agency, the ring was headed by a 45-year-old woman with the last name of Lee, who ran a local hair salon. Though Lee’s salon was used for legal and legitimate salon practices, it was also used for illegal … Read More