Most Popular Procedures by Region

From cuisines to fashion to differences in climate, it’s no big secret that here in America, many things vary by region. But did you know that the same concept applies to plastic surgery? It’s true. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released a report detailing which plastic surgery procedures are most popular in which areas in the … Read More

To Snap or Not to Snap: The Pros and Cons of Snapchat in the OR

The introduction of social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram have done a lot for the field of plastic surgery. From celebrities inspiring younger people to get everything from butt-lifts to “designer nipples” to users who just want to look better in selfies, sharing images with followers has inspired people to take a closer look at themselves, and to make … Read More

Is This Once-Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure Becoming a Thing of the Past?

While it’s still one of the more popular plastic surgery procedures here in the United States, rhinoplasties have experienced a sharp decline in the number of procedures since the year 2000. How much of a decline? Well, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the procedure has declined in popularity by 44 percent since the year 2000. So, what’s … Read More

Plastic Surgery Offers Hope to Injured Soldier

When Shamika Burrage was involved in a devastating car accident in 2016, she was told she was lucky to survive the ordeal at all. In fact, had medical attention been delayed by just 30 minutes, Burrage probably would not have made it out alive. But although Burrage survived, her left ear did not.

Help, My Teen Wants Plastic Surgery!

The teen years are a time of great promise and hope – as well as newfound independence. But they can also be fraught with confusion and insecurity, especially as your teen’s body changes from a child’s to an adult. While most teens take these changes in stride eventually, some may feel that these insecurities never go away – or worse, … Read More