Most Popular Procedures by Region

From cuisines to fashion to differences in climate, it’s no big secret that here in America, many things vary by region. But did you know that the same concept applies to plastic surgery? It’s true. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released a report detailing which plastic surgery procedures are most popular in which areas in the United States – and the results may (or may not!) surprise you.


The most popular plastic surgery procedure in the Northeast is, believe it or not, the mammoplasty procedure. A mammoplasty is a male breast-reduction surgery that removes excess fat and tissue from the male breast. Often, older men develop enlarged breasts due to hormone imbalance or excess weight. Called gynecomastia, this condition can often be reversed through diet, exercise and medication. However, when it’s not, mammoplasty can be an excellent solution. Experts believe this procedure is popular in the Northeast because of the competitive nature of the business world in New York. The men choosing this procedure want to feel as confident in the boardroom as they do in the bedroom, making mammoplasty an excellent choice.


In the Southeast United States, butt implants reign supreme, likely due to the hip-hop culture in places like Atlanta, as well as the beach culture in Florida. Popular procedures include the Brazilian butt-lift, which removes the patient’s own body fat from around the body and implants it into the buttocks for a fuller look.

West Coast

On the image-obsessed West Coast, breast augmentation is still the No. 1 surgery. Breast implants are the No. 1 procedure in America, despite not being the most popular in some regions. Experts believe implants are so popular in the West thanks to Hollywood’s image-conscious atmosphere, as well as the beach culture of places like California and the club culture in Las Vegas.

The South

In the Southern United States, the No. 1 procedure is, surprisingly, hair transplant. While the reasons behind this aren’t known, it could be due to the hot sun that never seems to take a break in the South. It seems like it would make more sense to have less hair in the heat, but when you’re out in that blazing sunshine, having a full head of hair to protect the sensitive skin on your scalp is a very good thing!

The Midwest

Here in the Midwest, the No. 1 procedure may come as a surprise to many: lip reduction surgery. While many women around the country spend thousands of dollars to get fuller, thicker lips, here in the Midwest we’re paying to get rid of them!

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