New Trends on the Plastic Surgery Horizon

For some people, staying on top of the next big thing is a way of life. From the latest iPhone to the newest designer threads, these trendsetters always seem to know what’s in and what’s out. That includes today’s hottest plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures! Whether you’re one of these trendsetters or just aspire to be one, here’s a quick … Read More

Is Carbon Dioxide Therapy Better than Liposuction?

If you have been researching liposuction but have been hesitant about it due to the cost or downtime, you may have already heard about a supposedly cheaper, less invasive alternative called carboxytherapy. But what is this new therapy – and is it really as good as liposuction? Here’s what you should know before you choose one over the other.

The Best Plastic Surgery Procedures to Have Right Now

Many people would argue that the winter months following New Year’s are in fact the most horrible time of the year. With the biting cold in full swing and the lack of time spent outdoors causing many of us to feel stir crazy or develop seasonal affective disorder (or SAD), the winter months can be long and dull. But don’t … Read More

Liposuction Can Treat a Variety of Areas

When you think of liposuction, like many people you probably think of removing fat from the abdomen and maybe the hips and thighs. But did you know that liposuction can be used to remove stubborn body fat from more than just these areas? It’s true! Check out these lesser-known areas that liposuction can help improve.

What a Waste: Avoid Waist Trainers

You may have seen them on Instagram celebrities or targeted ads in your Facebook feeds – they’re corset-like garments called “waist trainers” that are supposed to change the shape of your waistline when worn for extended periods of time. Unlike the corsets worn throughout history, today’s waist trainers no longer require laces, instead relying on zippers and hook-and-eye closures to … Read More