Brazilian Butt-Lift Procedure Deemed ‘Most Deadly’

You may not know what a gluteal fat-grafting procedure is, but chances are you’ve heard of it by its common name: the Brazilian Butt-Lift. The Brazilian Butt-Lift procedure suctions fat from one area of the body (say your stomach, back or thighs) and deposits it back into your buttocks, making them fuller. The good news is that the Brazilian Butt-Lift … Read More

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts One of the Most Dangerous Procedures Ever?

When London-based plastic surgeon Mo Akhavani recently told British newspaper The Sun that he believed the Brazilian butt lift is one of the most dangerous plastic surgery procedures available, many patients around the world were surprised. The procedure has recently soared in popularity thanks to the famously curvy backsides of celebrities such as the Kardashian sisters. In fact, in 2016 … Read More