Plastic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery: Timeline and Things To Know

Bariatric surgery for weight loss has become increasingly more common in the past 10 years with dramatic weight loss results.  One of the issues that patients are having to deal with after weight loss surgery is all the excess and stretched out skin.  In my practice I see and operate on many patients that have lost large amounts of weight either by diet and exercise, through surgery, or both.

One of the most common questions that I find patients have is how long after losing weight do I need to wait until coming in for a consultation?  I tell them that it is important that your weight loss has stabilized and that you are not losing significant amounts of weight each week or that you have gotten to near your goal weight.  I explain to them that if they are still losing large amounts of weight, it is not a good time to evaluate their body, as it is still going through changes.  Usually about one-year after their weight loss surgery their body weight has stabilized and they have been maintaining their diet and exercise program.  This or just a few months prior is a good time to seek consultation and begin planning your cosmetic procedures.