Lunchtime Plastic Surgery Procedures Losing Their Luster

America is a busy country. With the average full-time employee reportedly clocking an average of 47 work hours a week, it’s no wonder that “lunchtime” plastic surgery procedures like Botox, Kybella and Coolsculpting have become so popular in recent years. After all, what could be better than getting a little pick-me-up and then picking up at work where you left off before lunch? Apparently, a lot. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, those popular lunchtime procedures are becoming increasingly less popular – and the reason why may surprise you.

“According to the ASPS, the trend is going in the opposite direction; people don’t want quick procedures anymore. They don’t want to go back to work after their procedure. They want to go home and rest,” says Dr. Bruce Chau, a plastic surgeon from Berkeley, Michigan.

And that attitude may just be in direct opposition to the excessive work schedules we’ve grown so accustomed to.

“I think patients are feeling burned out,” says Chau. “And what better way to feel refreshed than getting a new look and taking a week off to rest afterward?”

Another reason for the more involved procedures? According to the ASPS, patients aren’t happy with the results they’re getting from those quick-fix procedures.

“Yes, Botox works; yes, Kybella works,” says Chau. “But they require upkeep. You have to come back regularly to get refreshers. It costs time and it costs money.”

But longer procedures like liposuction and face-lifts are a stark contrast.

“A face-lift might cost more up front, but you won’t need to touch it up every six months, or sock away money to touch it up every six months,” Chau says. “You get more bang for your buck. One procedure with immediate results and one investment is a lot more satisfying than slow results over time that require repeated investments of time and money. It’s kind of like buying in bulk instead of running to the corner store every time you run out of food.”