Is This Dating App Worth a Try?

If you are single (and even if you’re not!), there seems to be a dating site out there to suit every walk of life – from Farmers Only to Christian Mingle, there’s now an easy way to meet someone with the same interests as you without doing much legwork. But one site in particular caters to a very specific crowd. It’s called, and as the name implies, it’s only for the most attractive among us.

Ready to join? Not so fast. Not just anyone can sign up for this exclusive dating site. In order to be listed and make connections, you must submit photographic proof of your beauty – and it must be approved by an administrator before you can proceed. From there, a select few will be granted a pass and can begin to converse with other beautiful singles. Until recently, the rest of the applicants have been turned away without a word.

Now, however, is taking an extra step. Instead of just rejecting applicants for their looks, app administrators will now tell those applicants what led to their rejection – and what celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Linda Li would do to correct it.

So, is this a good idea? Well, no.

First and foremost, the idea that you must look a certain way to join a dating site is not just mean, it’s bad business. Why turn away potential business (read: money) because that person doesn’t fit the standards of an administrator? What that person may find attractive might be totally different from what another person would find attractive, so who’s to say who really is beautiful or not?

Second, the idea that you would then change certain features to be attractive enough to join the site is also dangerous. A rejected applicant may be fine with their features and be told they need their nose reshaped, creating a problem where none existed. If someone is happy enough with their own appearance to have the confidence to join such a site, why meddle with that?

Third, this discredits the entire field of plastic surgery. To have a doctor pick apart a patient unsolicited and make recommendations based on a stranger’s preferences without consulting the patient or taking the patient’s personal wishes into account isn’t right.

So, what should a singleton do? Well, if you really want to subject yourself to the possibility of such a cruel rejection, the choice is yours – but if not, thankfully, there are dozens of other sites out there to try your luck on. If you just want a free consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon, give Dr. Chau a call. He can help you decide what – if any – changes would improve your appearance in a way that’s meaningful to you, not a stranger trying to sell dating site memberships.

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