Five Things to Do Right Now to Get a New Look for the New Year

With the new year right around the corner, many people have already started thinking about their resolutions for 2018. Whether it’s to get healthy, try to look younger or finally get rid of that stubborn body fat, there are a lot of things you can do right now to help ensure success with your New Year’s resolutions.

Get Moving Sooner, Not Later!

With holiday promotions running at many gyms and fitness centers, there’s no need to wait for January to join a gym or start using a membership you already have. What’s the benefit to starting ahead of the new year? Well, for starters, you can burn off all those extra holiday treats as you eat them instead of waiting for them to accumulate on your hips, thighs and stomach and dealing with them later. You may even feel a little less guilty for indulging if you know you’re going to burn them off in the morning.

Another perk: You can take advantage of a relatively empty gym to get comfortable with the machines before the New Year’s rush begins. If you have questions, trainers will be less busy and can show you proper technique before they get slammed with new clients. You’ll feel a little more confident and a little less like a newbie by the time the gym gets busy!

Book Your Surgery Ahead of Spring and Summer

Will 2018 be the year you get breast implants, a face-lift or an abdominoplasty? Take recovery times into consideration and try to book your procedure early in the year – before the summer months when you may be forced to recover indoors and won’t get to show off your new results. An abdominoplasty can keep you stranded on dry land for up to six weeks following surgery, so if swimming is a favorite summer activity, be sure to get your surgery out of the way before it cuts into your pool time. Remember, with tax return season right around the corner, too, spaces are filling up quickly – so book your surgery now before it’s too late!

Try a Little Pick-Me-Up

The holidays are a time of peace and goodwill, but they can also be a time of stress and exhaustion. The parties, the cooking, the crowded shopping centers – the in-laws! It can leave you feeling totally drained and looking even worse. Don’t forget to think of yourself this winter and book yourself a CO2 laser facial or a Botox or Juvaderm package to help give your skin a fuller, softer appearance – just in time for holiday reunions, photos and putting your best face forward in 2018.

Get a New ‘Do

You’d be surprised how much a little change to a hairstyle or hair color can change your mood. Tired of the gray hairs staring back at you in the mirror? Change up your color and add some bailage highlights. Wearing the same hairstyle since 1993? Try a new style, add some layers or splurge on extensions. After all, there’s no better way to start fresh than with a new hairstyle.

Polish Your Smile

Whether you’ve been avoiding the dentist all year, or your teeth are simply not as white as you’d like them to be, it’s not too late to schedule a last-minute dental cleaning or tooth-whitening procedure. Use up the last of that Flexible Savings Account money to get the excess tartar off your teeth. Even a dental cleaning can make your teeth look and feel whiter and cleaner.

Stained teeth? Try whitening trays, laser whitening or another procedure that will lighten your teeth and give you a radiant smile ahead of all those holiday snapshots. In fact, according to a recent British study, whiter teeth can shave about five years off your appearance, make you look wealthier and even make you look more attractive!

If you’re ready to put your appearance front and center in 2018, give Dr. Chau’s office a call at 888-966-9471 to schedule a free consultation. We can get you on the books for your New Year’s procedure and help you make 2018 your best year yet!