The Benefits of Subfascial Breast Implant Placement

When it comes to breast implants, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Implants come in many different shapes, sizes and even materials – all of which can create a completely different look and feel for your breast augmentation. Another factor that will affect how your implants look and feel is the placement of the implant itself. There are currently several different breast implant placements: subglandular, submuscular and a newer, more complicated placement: subfascial.

Subfascial breast implant placement has the ability to create a more natural look and feel than other breast implant placements because of its positioning within the breast. So, what is subfascial breast implant placement, and how does it differ from the other, more traditional placements?

Why It’s Different

Subfascial breast implant positioning differs from other implant positioning because it places the breast implant in front of the muscle, under the connective tissue that covers the pectoral muscle. This results in a more natural look that eliminates the look of the implants being “stuck on” to the chest when the clavicle-to-nipple line is interrupted. Subfascial placements also prevent the ripple effect above the areola that occurs with some other placements.

Why It’s Better

Because the implant is going above the muscle, subfascial placement causes less injury to the breast tissue during the surgical procedure itself. This means that not only is this placement more comfortable after healing, but it is also more comfortable during recovery. Subfascial implant placements also carry a much lower risk of breast implant failure than other positionings.

Another benefit to subfascial placement is that it can help prevent the muscle movement that is associated with submuscular implant placement. Subfascial placement even carries many of the benefits of submuscular placement, such as a reduced risk of capsular contraction and maintaining its proper positioning, and because the implant is in front of the breast muscle, the patient can return to an active lifestyle sooner than with other implant placements.

Who Offers Subfascial Placement?

Subfascial breast implant placement is superior to other placements in many ways, but not many surgeons in the United States are trained to perform this type of placement procedure yet, as it requires extensive training and a very high degree of skill.

Dr. Bruce Chau not only offers subfascial breast implant placement surgery to his patients, but he is also one of the preeminent subfascial breast implant surgery practitioners in the country.

To learn more about how subfascial breast implant placement can help create a more natural-looking breast, please give Dr. Chau’s office a call at 888-966-9471.