Australian Woman Suffers Dangerous Infection After Overseas Surgery

When 48-year-old Lee Cameron decided to get an elective breast augmentation, she had a bit of sticker shock at her local Melbourne, Australia, plastic surgeon’s office when she was quoted $27,000 for the procedure. So, Cameron did what many men and women have begun doing around the globe: She booked her surgery with a foreign doctor as part of the … Read More

Plastic Surgery Tourism Victims Taxing Ailing NHS System

When the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) revealed that it would be facing a 5 percent budget shortfall over the next two years – and an estimated £3.4 billion shortfall by 2021 – health care advocates around the United Kingdom and the world were naturally alarmed. The beleaguered health system had already been making headlines in 2017 for turning … Read More

Travel Surgery Patients Stranded Due to New Look

Plastic surgery tourism, the act of traveling to a foreign country to undergo lower-cost plastic surgery procedures, is on the incline. According to Patients Beyond Borders (PBB), the number of Americans traveling abroad to undergo plastic surgery procedures is increasing by about 15 to 20 percent a year. In fact, PBB estimates 1.4 million Americans will travel abroad for medical … Read More

Woman in Coma Following Plastic Surgery Procedure with Unlicensed Practitioner

It’s safe to say that in the United States, people have a fascination with plastic surgery mishaps, as evidenced by the popularity of TV shows like the E! Network’s Botched. But while most cases on Botched can be fixed, and with beautiful results, not all bungled surgeries have such happy endings. Such is the case of a woman in Nanning, Guangxi, … Read More